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Hi guys:)

I've detected some trouble in my site, wich works well here:

1. created new discussion with embedd link here. in, working well. displayed in feed correctly (embedly1 pic)

2. the same discussion created in, discussion looks weel on it's page, playing as expected, exelent:)

3. the discussion is not displayed in feed,  i can see only clean plase for embedly card despite correct link attached  (embedly2-3 pics)

Suggestions anybody? Thanx in advance:))

1. User "58" (let's name him so) creates Secret Group with no members, except himself

2. User "58" creates post in Secret Group and upload picture

3. User "207" CAN SEE this post in Public Fed, can scroll pictures (if some uploaded) in the feed. 

User "207" can not enter the group. But CAN SEE it in public feed and can comment on it there - it is definately a bug.

NB- the same is with Albums and Discussions posted in Secret Group

Fix it, please.

It was discussion here but can't find it anymore.

Talking about invitations into group/event.

1. It's not convinient to invite 30-40-50 mmbrs with current interface.

Now you need

1. to type first letter

2. to choose one user

3. to type next letter, to choose next user

4. you have to make 40 "types" and 40 "chooses" to invite 40 ppl

Make it, please, similar to FB : get one users list (with options to sort only friends/all ppl/alphabet) and make only 40 "cheks" to invite 40  ppl

2. Also it can be good idea to add button "Invite to" on user's profile with option to choose group/event for personal invitation.

3. And, of coarse, the notifications, don't forget it, please :))

Thanx in advance:)

When aploaded picture used as cover (Discussions, Posts and so)  it's not shown as attachment any more and need to be uploaded one more time.

Suggestion: to leave used as cover picture in attachments too (or incerted to message, if choosen)

Hi guys. Tested on my site and here on UNA

1. Go to conversation in Messenger and press Talk Option button ( pic 1)

2. Options window opens with no options (pic 2)

3. It was OK before RC8 upd

Thanx in advance

Hi guys

First of all - thanx for good work - it finally seems like UNA going in right way:))

To the problem:

1. Album was created, with dozen of pics 

2. In album we can see al the pictures and able to click on every one (apropo -  there is no option to choose how many pics to show at once on single page - it was in D7, it will be very good to add  it here too)

3. When we open a picture - navigation buttos are gray and unclickable, there is no option to navigate to next or previouse one, it can be done only by return to albom, choosing next pic and click.

4. The same trouble is on full screen view of pic - there are no navigation buttons at all.

Fix it' please

Thanx in advance

IMHO, nice to have option in Messenger : Mark all as read, or reset messages counter in other way. 

it's annoying to scroll 279 msgs :))


UPDT 3 May 2018:

After AlexT proposal the poll was created. GO VOTE, UNA PEOPLE :))


Hi guys

Strange thing discovered. Here in chronological order:

1. There is working  site with working (3 mo long) Jot. In this time no changes was applied except app's upgrading.

2. Eventually downtime host server a couple days ago

3. Unable to Connect  Jot after server go up

4. Reboot host server. Unable to Connect  Jot

5. run "forever app.js" in Jot server folder on server. As result Jot is connected


6. Jot agree to work as long as SHH console is open! When I close SSH console window and disconnect SSH connection to server - it interrupts connection for Jot on site and I start to see The Lonely Black Plug trying to find his One And Only Socket :))


here the SSH console dialog: [~/public_html/jotsrv]# forever app.js
warn: --minUptime not set. Defaulting to: 1000ms
warn: --spinSleepTime not set. Your script will exit if it does not stay up for at least 1000ms
primus: We've detected that you're using a HTTP instead of a HTTPS server.
primus: Please be aware that real-time connections have less chance of being blocked
primus: by firewalls and anti-virus scanners if they are encrypted (using SSL). If
primus: you run your server behind a reverse and HTTPS terminating proxy ignore
primus: this message, if not, you've been warned.
forever app.js


Any suggestions?

Thanx in advance

Hi guys

Suggest to add field "Verify password" in Join form.

So, here we are: 

1. User Admin created Friends_Only  discussion named "Lock" (pic bbb)

2. User Vavilon (friend of Admin) put comment on there (pic ccc)

3. user Coup ( who IS friend of Vavilon, but  IS NOT FRIEND of Admin) received to his email notification that friend Vavilon posted comments in Admin's discussion (which is not OK for me, I don't want my friends to know ALL my  interactions with other friends ) (pic ddd) 

4. user Coup going by link and CAN SEE   comment of user Vavilon (who is friend of user Coup) to user Admin (who is not friend of user Coup) in Freinds_Only content (wich is not OK - twice)

5. user Coup can copy link from email notification and spred it over the www because everybody with this link can see the comment of Vavilon to Admin, even unauthenticated persons (pic eee) ((wich is not OK - triple)


Guys, IMHO, it's serious security  issue,  positions 3-4-5 needs to be closed. (Can we stop position 3 in Notifications checkboxes? which one?)

Thanx in advance.

Mea culpa:)

After some vodou dances with Access Levels (creating new levels with different permissions)  and Visibility Options (in Studio/Pages/Blocks) my Groups starts to be shown for all members, even close groups:(

Now all custom levels are deleted, all blocks signed as shown to selected levels (Standard, Premium, Admin etc, except Unauthorized)

BUT STILL: I have totally open groups for all site's members (it's still testing site with 20 mmbrs) and I can't even imagine how to get things back. 

Near this one I've installed a fresh  UNA site with clean DB and trying to copy DB columns. In fresh one groups are properly closed and works well.


And now - the question: Which column is grant Close Group access for it's memebers?

Thanx in advance:)))

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