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UNA 9 BETA 4 Released. Nearly feature-final!

The fourth (and likely the final) beta of UNA 9 is, to put it mildly, extraordinary. Whole new modules, new features, core improvements and big-fixes in this update could easily justify a whole new version release. There is a lot! It is downloadable, upgradable and available now.

UNA v.9.0.0-B4 (beta 4)

Significant changes:

  • Polls module
  • Files module
  • Stripe Connect module
  • Social Engine migration module
  • "Mark as featured" functionality
  • New "Protean" Template style mixes
  • Email notification for friend request
  • Default storage engine selection
  • Views engine improvements: views count and list of viewers
  • Events: reminders
  • Events: timeline post and browsing unit layout update
  • Events: new categories (old content is assigned to "Other" category)
  • Events/Groups: invite participants after creation
  • Albums/Posts: more paginate parameters
  • Timeline: new (additional) layout representation
  • Timeline: ability to post directly to site timeline
  • Timeline: embed.ly integration for posted links
  • Timeline: RSS feed
  • Timeline: "share" functionality
  • Notifications: "repost" notification
  • Forums: search improvements
  • Protean: updated system mix styling
  • Posts: new view for snippets and cards layout
  • Payments: allow to manage currencies and other improvements
  • Payments: Trial Mode for Stripe
  • Accounts manager: ability to reset passwords, edit email and subscription preferences.
  • OAuth2: editing Name & URI for key&secret
  • Studio: link to homepage was added to all Studio pages
  • Bugfixes



To make all new functions to work properly, add the following line to inc/header.inc.php: 
define('BX_SYSTEM_JAVA', '/path/to/java'); ///< path to java binary

before the following line:

define('BX_SYSTEM_FFMPEG', '/path/to/plugins/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.exe'); ///< path to ffmpeg binary

Replace /path/to/java to the real path to java binary.



Please refer to UNA 9.0.0-B4 Release Note in GitHub for download link and more details.


All those new apps... what are they?

Most notably, we have Polls, Files and Stripe Connect apps in UNA now. 

Polls app allows your community members to post interactive surveys, polls, questions, with multiple-choice answer options. Reply/vote counts are represented as a bar chart, with options for anonymous or open voting. 

Files app is a file-sharing module, with support for various file formats and integrated "viewer". Site members can upload and share files, preview documents prior to download and choose visibility options. 

Stripe Connect adds additional layer to UNA Stripe payment system integration, allowing for automated distribution of funds to sellers in community Marketplace, powered by the UNA Market app. Visit https://stripe.com/connect for more info on Stripe Connect.



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  • For which feature is java needed?
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    • java binary is needed for Files module, to enable search by uploaded files content.
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      • If the files module is not used do we have to do this change?
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        • If Files module isn't used that you don't need to set path to java binary at all for now. But in the future it maybe other modules which will rely on java binary.
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        • Any plan for hover option or simplifying action to add friend, other regular things etc.
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          • Please, elaborate. Note, that we generally ty to avoid hover-based interactions since UNA is primarily designed for good experience on mobile viewports, and most touch devices don't have "hover", naturally.
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            • First of all, this is a good prerequisite. Especially with regard to the menu structure.

              However, this may become obsolete in the not-too-distant future, because other input technologies may be introduced. Therefore, one could try to implement both from the outset. Mobile menus are already integrated into most community pages in such a way that they automatically adapt to the size of the screen.

              Take a look at my (just recently installed, therefore still without content) page at 2254.humaniac.eu where you can see it well. If you reduce the size of the browser window, the menu changes from a certain size and is automatically switched to Mobile.
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