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Happy Holidays, 3K Premium UNA.IO Members!

What an amazing year it has been! We released the UNA 9 Final and reached 3,000 members mark here at UNA.IO. The community is energised, development is active and we are growing faster and faster...

Reaching 1 Million members is still a long-shot proposition, of course, but we are clearly on the right track. Can't wait to see what's going to happen in 2019. πŸ˜ƒΒ 

2018 Reflections

Not everything is smooth and mellow. As a bootstrapped company we have to always maintain profitability and it often means that we must prioritise work with paying clients (especially X-level service plans) over everything else. If we were a VC-backed/funded we would surely be able to progress development at a much faster pace. On the other hand exprnal funding often comes with "strings attached", which may call for rather unwelcome compromises. So, it's an open question for us still, at least until we become comfortably profitable without custom projects or unless we get financial backing from someone fully aligned with our values and principles.Β 

Anyhow, we continue development and work on a number of custom projects; Dolphin 7 is finally getting an update; native mobile apps development is re-activated and JOT is shaping up.Β 

The contribution from UNA.IO community members in 2018 has been mindblowing! We had elaborate test reports, feature suggestions, and most importantly - members helping each other, sharing how-to's, tips and instructions. This is the main force that motivates us day by day. Thank you so much! This brings me to the next point...

3000 Premium Members

Here at UNA.IO we have Standard and Premium memberships activated now. Standard members can not post links, create Posts, Polls, Groups, Products and initiate Conversations. Standard can only create Updates, Discussions and post Comments.Β 

Premium members can create all types of content and share links. Once can become a Premium member by buying a $12/year subscription or simply by being an active and diligent member (we manually upgrade such profiles for free). The main purpose of these levels is to suppress SPAM and reduce noise from "test" posts. In the future, we plan to add more perks for being a Premium member, including early feature previews, periodic specials, Market discounts and new actions across the site.Β 

Now, in the spirit of Chrismas, Solstice, Hanukkah, New Year, and whatever else rocks your boat, we have just upgraded all current UNA.IO members to a lifetime free Premium membership level. πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽπŸΎ

So, as a Premium member, you can do more here now. We'll weed out spammers pronto if they show up, but hopefully, everyone would just use the new privileges for the mutual benefit.Β 


... is yet to come, so I'll post about the plans in a few days. We typically don't stop working during holidays (ok, maybe we slow down for a day or two around NYE), so keep your feedback coming!

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    • Awesome!

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      • Could be cool to see how many posts that were posted on UNA.io per day. It gives an impression(and hopefully understanding) of how busy the team really is.

        Great work and thank you all for UNA.

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        • Here's total numbers for Discussions (most active public content type here at UNA.IO)

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          • And here's Updates:

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            • Those are good numbers. Shows there is active life here and that the team must be pretty busy with people like me. For the single user, the place can seem like an echo chamber, but this explains it. If everybody could see something like this, they would have more patience, I'm sure.

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            • That level of growth is wonderful. May you and the team hit the 1 million mark with joy and ease. 2019 Should be a great year for us all.Β 

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              • Saying "Thank You" is not just enough. Premium membership is like priceless "Love and Respect" for all UNA.IO members.

                We can walk only "one step" at a time, it doesn't matter how far is our destination, we will reach sooner or later. The graph of membership growth is growing vertical and 1Million mark is not far away.

                Yes i can feel magical and magnetic energy here at UNA, as i spend more time with family in holidays, coming to UNA regularly is like learning, sharing & meeting with friends.

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                • Thanks for the free premium!Β 

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                  • Thank You! Β Love the platform! Β All your hard work is paying off 😎 

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                    • Great product and thanks for the premium upgrade.

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                      • You guys deserve more than just a thank you! You deserve more users, love and respect, your hardwork and your love to build the UNA platform is incredibly amazing! We love that!

                        All of this is the part of the road for the journey to 1 million users!

                        Also never forget... MERRY CHRISTMAS πŸŽ„from me and all of us users that love the UNA platform!


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                        • Thank you so much for this awesome Christmas gift!

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                          • How would we know that we have a 'Premium' membership? What do I look for?

                            Β  Β ~ Mr. World "FAMOUS"

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                            • This in your profile:

                              and the ability to post links anywhere, create posts, polls, products and groups.Β 

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                              • Great! I see it!  😁 

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                              • THX Keep up thee good work ;-)

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                                • Thank you for the premium membership and continued work on UNA. I'm excited to see it progress.

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                                  • Thank you for this special gift, Team UNA.Β 

                                    The real heros are those who help others - not merely those who participate. These have the knowledge and the willingness and the time to show us what we would never comprehend on our own.Β 

                                    My special thanks today go out to the Prince of Programmers, Alex T. Β And to Andrew, Leonid, Anton, Alexy, Baloo, and many other kind souls.

                                    We are so excited to see UNA stock on the rise. As Facebook and Google+ head downward. Downward where they belong.

                                    Countless hours of hard work is paying off at last. May 2019 be the breakthrough year for decentralized social media!Β 

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                                    • Very inspiring move, thanks Andrew.

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                                      • Thankyou very much for your free upgrade to us. May I take the chance to wish you and everybody else here on this site a very special Christmas and happy new year.Β 

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                                        • Thanks for the Premium upgrade.

                                          Michel - Founder of TravelNotes.org and Meta-Travel.comΒ 

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