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UNA 10.1 Released

UNA 10.1 is a minor feature update, which includes some enhancements and over 30 bug-fixes. We are working on making UNA faster, cleaner and more stable. 

System enhancements:

  • Minor design improvements #2349
  • Switch language in Studio #2244
  • Admin can now delete comments with replies #2126

Modules enhancements:

  • Channels: page with top-level labels #2355
  • Forum: standard layout for replies #2352
  • Forum: "quote" functionality #2279


Go to UNA 10.1 release page to download this version for both stable and beta channels  - https://github.com/unaio/una/releases/tag/10.1.0

Please, note that you don't need to download patch files, to update go to your UNA Studio > Dashboard.

Update via Studio

If you have automatic updates enabled, the site should be already updated by now. Otherwise, go to your Studio > Dashboard and initiate the the update.

Also, check your “Apps > Upadates” in Studio and ensure that all module updates are installed. You can force update installation for each module individually. Make sure that the core is updated first, though. 

What’s next?

We are already working on UNA 11, but there may be another service update or a minor feature update in between. Apart from new features, current priority is performance. While most previous optimisations were about general system setup (cacheing, DB configuration, server optimisation, etc), we are now working on more specific UI elements, data calls, browsing pages, menus and other elements that may be optimised or reassessed. 

As for now, please use 10.1 and share your feedback. UNA.IO is already powered by 10.1. 🎈 

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Comments (3)
  • My site has been upgraded but now has crashed 

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    • [FIXED] - Placement of signup block on homepage causes this. Signup block removed. Could be a bug 

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      • Could you please describe problem in more details ? so we'll try to reproduce and fix it.

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