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This module allows you to increase members' activity on your site. Your members will be able to easily find their friends who already joined the site. Also they will be able to start new friendship with people who are friends with their frinds. :)
The module adds blocks with people you may know on different pages (Home, Dashboard and Profile pages) that members can check suggested profiles from time to time without loading a separate page. However all suggested profiles can be also viewed on a separate page.
Similar functionality you may find on Facebook, the block can be seen on different pages with 'People You May Know' caption.

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  • I tried to send you a message through messenger but I was in able to open it up. I Purchased this app. It is advertised at $19. I was charged $57. Can you please tell me why, and refund the difference?

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    • I see what happened. It shows it I purchased three licenses. I only have one website. I’m not sure how this happened unless I put it in my cart two other times and decided at that point not to purchase. I don’t remember this but that may be what happened. Could you please refund for two of the licenses?

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      • Hello, $38 were refunded. 

        P.S. For faster replies it's better to contact us via PM (Messenger or Conversations)

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        • I tried messenger but it would not work. Thank you so much for the refund. I really like your apps and have purchased a lot of them.😊

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