The App adds a new interesting feature into your site. It will allow you (as administrator) and your users to create quizzes with multiple questions. Each quiz may have any number of questions and in the same time each question may have one or more correct answers. Answers are given to user and he needs to select correct one(s) using check boxes. Statistics of already passed quizzes are stored in the database and available for both common members and admin. The App has different browsing capabilities including a block with the most recent quizzes on home page.

The features list:

  1. Add quiz.
  2. Attach image which can help to describe the quiz better.
  3. Each quiz has its own page with Breadcrumbs, Content, Share buttons, Comments, etc blocks.
  4. Share a quiz in social networks.
  5. Use Privacy settings to control the access to a quiz view page.
  6. Recent quizzes on site's home page.
  7. Quizzes home page and the other browsing pages including search.
  8. Manage quizzes tool, which allows to easily manage your own quizzes in one place.
  9. Quizzes App was integrated with default UNA's Timeline module.
  10. Administration panel in Studio.
  11. Use UNA's ACL to control the access to the app related actions, like create quiz, browse quizzes, etc.

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    • Hi. 

      Any option to add picture to question and answers?

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      • Hello.
        Add question form allows to use standard 'Pictures' uploader. It also can be used to create Cover image.


        And both question and answer forms use HTML editors which allow to inline images.

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      • any option to show percentage (%) of correct answers?

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        • Current version has the following stats: 

          1. Total number of answered questions - 'Answered'
          2. Number of correct answers - 'Correct'
          3. Number of incorrect answers - 'Wrong'


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