Comment to 'Thinking about Trials and a change in UNA PowerApps pricing/billing.'
  • Great idea & great marketing strategy ! This reminded me a while back when I was shopping around for a car - I knew the car I wanted but I never been in it or drove it before. I stopped by at this car dealer, and while I was checking out the car, the salesman came out and asked me if this is the car I wanted - I said yes, but I am not sure yet. Then he gave me the keys & offered me to take the car for 2 weeks to try it out and the only thing I have to pay for is my own gas. I was speechless.. I thought it was a great idea and great selling strategy. Imagine you spend about $30K-$40K purchasing a car, and later on you find out it has some flaws you don't like about it. It would have been too late, there is no refund when you buy a car. Even if you sell it, you will still loose about 20% of its value. Long story short, I ended up buying the car & very happy with it today..

    I've been part of Boonex community for a long time, one of the reasons I am still around is the fact that not only they work hard to deliver a great product, but displaying HONESTY is one of the key items I look for beside quality. The fact that Andrew Boon is asking our community what we think about his new approach speaks volume about his great character. I know for fact in other communities, a decision would have been made already whether we like it or not.. Β The word "community" is a very strong word, it sounds as a "family, friend & partner", therefore it ought to be treated with HONESTY, RESPECT and SUPPORT for one another.. At the end of the day everyone (community) WINS ! Β  Β 

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