Comment to 'Messenger 11.0.2 '
  • Hello Chris,

    This button will be available in UNA app and users will be able to use Video Conferences in it. Also there is another ability may exist: to leave this button for mobile browser also, but in this case users will see the message that they should download free Jitsi app for mobile and communicate through it, so may be to add this ability as option to messenger.

    So where is the link for the download, instructions, and how do you set it up?  I downloaded all, installed, PAID for Messenger/Jitsi 3 weeks ago and have zero clue on how to finish the setup as the install obviously doesn't do that?  Have folks waiting to get this working and is why I went to UNA from Dolphin to start with. Any clues, code/download, instructions, etc. helpful to have it working on the server would be most helpful.  I know this is not a Chris thin, but this platform doesn't let me comment to the main post for some reason. Thanks, Robert

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