Comment to 'Mandatory Location Field (profiles)'
  • Hello Baloo!

    No, because Location depends from user's choice in broswer and UNA can't influence on it. So required Locaton will block form's submit. It will be more easy to make field where user will write his location manually and make it required.

    With the best regards, Leonid

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    • Hello Leonid, I understand your answer, you're right, so it's better to create specific fields.

      So, I will make the same remark as for the birthday which was not a standard field in the first versions of UNA.

      See here this discussion:

      On Dolphin, look, there are a lot of modules that are based on the fields " #Country ", " #City "Β  #zipcodeΒ  ".

      So I fear that if everyone creates their own field, developers can not exploit them in future modules.

      Would not it be better to include them in standard fields to avoid this? ( especially since we already have country )

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