Comment to 'How Coronavisus (or any virus for that matter) may affect UNA community.'
  • Hello Andrew BoonΒ , how are things evolving on this subject a few months later? From a health point of view, we know more or less, what we know less is how things will turn out economically. There, I believe it is possible that the worst is ahead. Is your activity greatly affected? How do you see the rest if you can predict? I ask this question because I have the impression of a drop in activity here since this damn virus. You are not very active, Mark either, vacation, motivation to drift, or minimum service? Can we help, do something? In short, how is life?

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    • I missed this comment, sorry. Now is a good time to respond anyway. We are busier than ever. mostly with custom builds, but overall interest is higher than usual, and we still don’t do any advertising or marketing really. What may seem like a lower activity is just that - we are all overbooked with tasks working on new modules and custom projects. This is resulting in the upcoming v12 having a whole lot of new features and optimisations.Β 

      Still, I miss making regular videos and engaging with the community here more, so I think I’ll get back to it again from next week as I am getting some openings. 😏

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