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What is your preferred shape of #profile #pictures?  Please, elaborate on your choice in comments.

63 votes  (58.88%)
19 votes  (17.76%)
Rounded Square
25 votes  (23.36%)

What kind of text #editor (if any) do you think should be used in a #Messenger?

No editor, just plain text.
26 votes  (41.27%)
Pure contentEditable standard browser tools.
8 votes  (12.7%)
Pure Markdown or BBcode
5 votes  (7.94%)
Editor based on contentEditable with WYSIWYG-style interface.
12 votes  (19.05%)
WYSIWYG editor.
12 votes  (19.05%)

Which method of #communication is most popular on your site?

Discussions (asynchronous; public or group; committed subject).
9 votes  (17.31%)
Conversations (asynchronous; private or group; variable subject).
8 votes  (15.38%)
Messenger (synchronous or delayed; private, group or public; spontaneous or no subject).
31 votes  (59.62%)
Comments (asynchronous; public; committed subject).
4 votes  (7.69%)
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