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What is your preferred shape of #profile #pictures?  Please, elaborate on your choice in comments.

33 votes (56.9%)
10 votes (17.24%)
Rounded Square
15 votes (25.86%)

What kind of text #editor (if any) do you think should be used in a #Messenger?

No editor, just plain text.
20 votes (48.78%)
Pure contentEditable standard browser tools.
7 votes (17.07%)
Pure Markdown or BBcode
3 votes (7.32%)
Editor based on contentEditable with WYSIWYG-style interface.
7 votes (17.07%)
WYSIWYG editor.
4 votes (9.76%)

Which method of #communication is most popular on your site?

Discussions (asynchronous; public or group; committed subject).
7 votes (17.95%)
Conversations (asynchronous; private or group; variable subject).
5 votes (12.82%)
Messenger (synchronous or delayed; private, group or public; spontaneous or no subject).
23 votes (58.97%)
Comments (asynchronous; public; committed subject).
4 votes (10.26%)
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Which do you prefer Timeline or Outline? 

What is your favourite template? Please share your reasons in comments. 

Which one do you think is better - comments with cards...Or comments without cards, but with a highlight on-hover...Please comment with reasons for your choice. Thank you!

Why we like UNA?

How come Kars, an isolated, tiny north-east town in Turkey has the best cheese?

Hi all UNA people:) Its poll about small and (IMHO) handy option in JOT messenger conversations : MARK ALL AS READ. Now we have to scroll down ALL messages in ALL conversations in aim to reset...

Wie zufrieden sind Sie mit der Behandlung

Your favourite transport?

What is the best way to earning money?

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  • · unknown

questions to all

How do you promote your community?

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  • · Billy

Should Medical Marijuana Be Available, Recommended And Dispensed By The VA Healthcare System Doctors and Pharmacy? Despite Any State Or Federal Laws?