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Are we alone in the Universe?

Change default Homepage configuration for fresh installation - https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2492

Adding "weight" answers in Polls (from -5 tp +5). https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2491

Add WebRTC video-conferencing to Messenger without Jitsi or other full-stack libraries?

Can we hide the results of Poll till "Certain days" after user Polls? So users can come back and then view the results once Poll is Over?

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In Font Awesome, what is your favorite icon style?

we can save the world?

Which template you prefer and use on your site?

What do you want to improve about UNA? 

did your own una instal running without problems?

Have you used UNA before?

UNA is currently developing a number of pre-configured 'solutions' built on UNA Platform. Each solution would be a pre-configured turn key solution that would enable new users to get going straight...

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What is your preferred shape of #profile #pictures?  Please, elaborate on your choice in comments.

What kind of text #editor (if any) do you think should be used in a #Messenger?

Which method of #communication is most popular on your site?