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I read all posts till now about the subject and supporting SEO friendly urls and /username concept a lot cause my web sites structure is based on individual doctors` real identities and medical terminology as keywords.

For dating sites -which were the majority of the ecosystem in dolphin days- may be it was not preferred to have real identities and user created keywords open to the search engines. But for many other establishments it is needed to be SEO friendly to integrate our sites to internet with the most effective way.

Many CMS are already using these technics for the articles, blogs...
Besides in UNA -if I am not wrong- 

  • there is no way to mention meta keywords in posts, I hope are used for this??
  • plus we don't have SEO friendly URLs

    And yes it seems like we can put some little redirection code + htaccesses rewrite  to redirect to /username pages, but what about the module links in user profile? They will continue to have the old type of URLs. İt seems like a holistic approach in UNA is needed for SEO friendly URLS.

    As everybody knows having short URLS and SEO friendly URLs are different things for different needs.

    Look at my blog at blogspot.com it has my name, date, and blog title in the URL.

    A product page from Aliexpress with all the needed keywords included:

    Another from amazon

    And look at google itself:

    ok for short URLS and additionally why not to have such URLs and keywords, what is the reason?

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