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Copyright problem on homepage only

Strange, I have the key that appears for the Copyright and not the text, but only on the home page.

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  • Up: It is a conflict with messenger, if I disable it, then the display is normal.

    • Try recompiling all language files with Messenger enabled and see if that corrects the problem.

      • The key is ok, since it works when I disable messenger ....

        Up: If you need the Leonid layout, she's here https://una.twoforlife.com

        • So may you check please - what "Module" this key belong with the enabled and disabled Messenger? Possible "_copyright" has lost its bound with "System" module for some reasons.

          • This is what you ask me Leonid? If you need the layout here it is https://una.twoforlife.com

            • No, I mean what value this key had in "Module" column before and after disabling of the Messenger (studio/polyglot.php?page=keys area).

              • Ok, I misunderstood the question. Well I just checked "system" there is no change in this key before and after.

                I specify that I did not disable the module, just disabled the messenger block is enough.

                • Baloo I don't have messenger downloaded even and mine shows the C (copyright) symbol at the bottom of every page without text next to it. The only way you see text is if the symbol is clicked on then you will see 2018 Company. I don't think it's a conflict with messenger.

                  • Well yes, add the messenger block on a very simple page, for example "About" it gives exactly the same result, so messenger is in question.

                    • I have installed Messenger. I go to my homepage and still see the copyright icon. I go to Terms page and still see the same copyright image.


                      Page with only messenger block added to it.


                      • What is your version of messenger please? Do you have a fresh install, or do successive updates?

                        • Its the latest version of messenger I just downloaded and installed via Apps market.

                          • Please to be on, check in app.

                            But I see that on your page "Chatter", the block messenger is not activated, it must be activated on the page for the problem to occur, not just installed.

                            • It was active. I saw the Talk list on one side and the search on the other side. I deactivated it because I don't use messenger on my site


                              • Sorry but :

                                1. Make a new installation
                                2. Download only messenger
                                3. Activate the messenger block on any page
                                4. Vist the page and click @ => _copyright
                                5. Disable the messenger block
                                6. Revisit the page, click @ => © 2018 Company

                                • That's unrealistic. I'm sure your problem is related to your installation. I'm sure it will get figured out. Just change the key and be done.

                                  • Additional indications. I have this problem with Protean, Decorus. So, I think the problem really comes from messenger + popup because I just installed "Lucid" and the key remains ok with or without messenger.

                                    • The same problrm for me. using Protean, On pages with activated JOT see just "_copyright"

                                      • That's a strange situation, but we've applied some changes in the languages. So after the coming release, we may turn back to checking of this trouble.

                                        • And sorry, Leonid, but the problem is still there on a fresh installation Rc9 ... It is not very serious for me, but it's still strange.

                                          • I didn't mean RC9 ;-) but it will be very-very soon. Keep up our updates

                                            • Ah ok, Leonid, oh yes! Continue, continue! :-)

                                              • I can confirm that on my custom page that contains the 'Messenger' block, the copyright does show as "_copyright" 

                                                • Thank you Chris  to confirm because I have the same problem with a key module AQB, they looked and I quote: "You may post there in that discussion that the _t() JS  function does nothing for some reason when you're facing the problem discussed. Thus no any js language keys are showing up properly, including the _copyright for example."

                                                  So because it affects other modules, it would be nice to find a solution to this problem, thank you.


                                                  • I confirm. Same on my site, only on pages, where any *messenger* blocks are enabled...

                                                    Template: decorous

                                                    Installation: All out of the Box by UNA-Team, cloud/pro (I dont have any access to the files and folders, so I could not change anything to do it wrong 😇 )

                                                    • Is there any solution for the _copyright problem on the homepage?

                                                      • Hello Peter!

                                                        I don't see something wrong in the "copyright" lang key in your site. Please provide me exact URL via messenger where I may watch it.

                                                        • hi Leonid, you will only see it on a page where messenger is present, as I said AQB has confirmed a problem, see above.

                                                          • Leonid has the perfect setting on my homepage, where he is in at the moment :)

                                                              • After disabling messenger from homepage (quasi NO solution) _copyright problem is solved.

                                                                We know, that is not the solution I/we need. 

                                                                Fact: Messenger conflicts with _copyright lang tag.

                                                                Please solve this with *HIGH PRIORITY*

                                                                • But this problem has dragged on for more than two months now, I said from the beginning that it is linked to messenger block and that it must be disabled. But, copyrigth is not what bores me the most, it also prevents me from using the AQB module. This module is made to distribute a popup on all pages of the site. And as you can see above, on the page where the messenger block is activated, it makes me the same cinema.

                                                                  Well it is FINALLY fixed in rc10. We are very patient people! Our members are less so ...

                                                                  • Hello!

                                                                    Problem was fixed and uploaded to GitHub

                                                                    • aha it was so you guilty! :-)

                                                                      Thanks a lot Alexey.

                                                                      • It is hard to explain in a few words :) 

                                                                        • I too have same problem

                                                                          • Hello!

                                                                            We will update Jot Messenger version with fix in the nearest time and it will be available for download.

                                                                            • Hallelujah ! Finally got rid of this problem, thank you