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Image uploader

Anyone else having issues uploading images? The images seem to upload sometimes and the link that is provided seems to work but doesn't show preview images. So far it hasn't been working and neither is AQBSoft Pages images that are being uploaded. Seems to be the uploader with problems but yet to get a definite answer.

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  • Hi Jeremy, is "use GD for image processing" checked  in settings => General and php module GD is it ok in studio => Audit Server?

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    • Yes. All that is good.

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      • Are you sure you have enough space on the server? (Beast question probably)

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        • How are you uploading the pictures? Are these posting to a timeline? Are you posting as an attachment?Are these pictures stored on your local device or another website? 

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          • Plenty of storage. Uploading via uploader. Posting to photo albums as well as AQBSoft Pages app and timeline and all acts the same. All images being uploaded are files from my computer.

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            • If you go into Studio > Dashboard, click the down arrow next to Host Tools and choose Server Audit. Scroll down through there and make sure you have OK next to everything. 

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              • It is Chris. Thanks. That's not the problem though.

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                • Resolved. Had to disable Cloudflare for the domain. Working great now thanks to Alex T⚜️ Thanks to everyone else providing suggestions also. Greatly appreciated.

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                  • If you have CloudFlare enabled than try to add the following entry to the /etc/hosts file on your server under root:


                    please replace your-domain.com with the exact domain in your inc/header.inc.php file in UNA

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                    • Can't...it's a shared hosting account. And it didn't work on my server I was setting up here at home as a test install. I had that in there. The image cut off a little...there is there.


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                      • Jeremy 

                        If the problem in Cloudflare then this workaround usually works, if it doesn't work then it maybe there are some specific server settings or there is some other problem.

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                        • Not quite sure but regardless, being it's on a shared hosting environment, there isn't much I can do about it. It's with TMD and don't have as much flexibility as I'd like. Thinking about going up to a VPS and that will give me better results and liberty to do as I need.

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                          • I have an issue that Pictures, Videos, Files, etc that are uploaded into the Storage fail to load.

                            The files seem to be getting uploaded ok


                            But failed to load through the image_transcoder...


                            I added the   into /etc/hosts.  This fixed my performance problem I was  having with Studio - but does not fix the issue with accessing uploaded files in Storage.  Please Help...I am at a loss as to why

                            I have the following 3 entries in /etc/hosts




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                            • UnitekSystemsLtd your configuration looks good, however it maybe there is still problem with accessing your your site from your server itself, if you can provide root SSH access and some sample login/pwd to your site to check what is wrong

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                              • I send you a message with the information

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                                • Hi Alex T⚜️ ,

                                  I do have the same issue : 

                                  Failed to load resource: https://www.gouvinfo.net/IAI/image_transcoder.php?o=bx_events_cover_thumb&h=55&dpx=2&t=1617868990 the server responded with a status of 404 ()

                                  I have a dedicated server, no Cloudflare, did add gouvinfo.net in the host. And still the same, I am stuck with no possibilityto upload pictures in UNA. 

                                  UNA is installed in a subdirectory, is this an issue ? www.gouvinfo.net/IAI

                                  In the Studio/audit, I have a rewrite_module - FAIL - But rewrite seems to works well

                                  Any Idea I should look at ?

                                  Many thanks

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