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Quick question. my current key is for http but I recently installed SSL certificate for the site. Do I need to have the license url updated in the system? The site is working but the app market isn't accessible. I am sure I how do I go about having this done? Or do I need to create new keys?


Been a Boonex member for 7 years now and I must say, I am definitely enjoying Una much better than Dolphin Pro. Dolphin Pro has some excellent features and still used on some of my sites, however, the simplicity of setting up and administering sites with Una is amazing. Thanks to all the devs for the hard work.

Is there a setting I am missing to have users redirected to their profile page or discussion page after successfully logging in? When logging into my site, the user is brought back to the main page of the website and it still shows the login box if you click on the profile icon. The only way you know you are logged in is if you click on left hand menu icon and see that you can click on something like People and it will then show your profile pic in the top right corner. So it appears to the user they never logged in successfully.

Thanks in advance.

In the dashboard, it shows that RC4 is available. When I click on Update button, I get the following message

Database and files versions are different, probably previous patch wasn't applied correctly.


Any idea how to correct this?

Site is working much better now that someone can realize they've successfully logged in. Thanks to LeonidS & AlexT

Is there any news of login issues? I can login but it brings me back to the login page like I didn't login, but if I press the menu button, I can get to studio and everything else. Very weird.

I accidentally somehow deleted my account on here. I have sent everyone a friend request that was on my list of friends, but have now way to get my posts back.

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I've answered my own question. I simply created new keys for the https site and all is working now.
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