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Hashtag in post

Looks like I can not find a in a post.



Yet when I click on the hashtag it leads me to the post.


Is it possible to create a block that displays the popular hastags of the feed?

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  • Hello Baloo!

    From my side I can't reproduce it, but is it possible for you to check it with the hashtag with latin-symbol only? Maybe deal is in special characters.

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    • Hi Leonid,, it looks like you're right, I did another test without special characters, and there no worries. Can I do something for that?

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      • I can't reproduce the problem, could you please provide the text you are posting? 

        also what is your value of the following setting ?

        Studio > Settings > System > General > Use operator LIKE for search (recommended for small content)

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        • Hello Alex T⚜️ Use operator LIKE for search is checked, In this regard I forgot to report this problem, if I unchecked I have a Database error, attached the report.

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          • Hello Baloo!

            The error from the attached file means that this table doesn't have Fulltext indexes which are used for search. This part from the `bx_forum_discussions` is responsible to add these indexes during the installation:

            FULLTEXT KEY `title_text` (`title`,`text`,`text_comments`),

            So you may do the 2 quick actions:

            1) check these indexes in the mentioned table

            2) if its exist please try to execute the following query in your DB:

            SELECT * FROM `bx_forum_discussions` WHERE 1 AND `bx_forum_discussions`.`status` ='active' AND `bx_forum_discussions`.`status_admin` ='active' AND `bx_forum_discussions`.`allow_view_to` IN(3,4) AND  MATCH(`bx_forum_discussions`.`title`, `bx_forum_discussions`.`text`,`bx_forum_discussions`.`text_comments`) AGAINST ('rencontres')  LIMIT 0, 9

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            • Hello Leonid,

              It seems that all indexes are text full and the command returns 8 results without errors.

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              • Hi Baloo ! 

                But the query with 2 fields only MATCH(`bx_forum_discussions`.`title`, `bx_forum_discussions`.`text`) returns the error? Then please specify what changes you made with the text comments field. As fulltext works with the set number of fields we need to find a way how the text_comments field was excluded.

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                • Hello Leonid,

                  ELECT * FROM `bx_forum_discussions` WHERE 1 AND `bx_forum_discussions`.`status` ='active' AND `bx_forum_discussions`.`status_admin` ='active' AND `bx_forum_discussions`.`allow_view_to` IN(3,4) AND  MATCH(`bx_forum_discussions`.`title`, `bx_forum_discussions`.`text`) AGAINST ('rencontres')  LIMIT 0, 9 indeed returns an error.

                  I do not remember making a change to this field otherwise maybe the full editor. I do not know what position he is at the installation. But he's the same as here.

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                  • It's bug in default version:


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                    Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.

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