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fields edit or add new hangs with spinning una logo

when i go into the fields to edit or add new on any category nothing happens... only the loading spinning una gif circles around spinning forever...

no errors on page, no errors on server side - safari, chrome, firefox, mac, linux, windows, mobile ios and android all do the same...

any ideas, suggestions? 


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  • You can try to turn off all caching options in the admin area then clear the cache as well and see if that helps at all....  

    • I've tried all you have suggested, still getting the same result... 

      this is a new install by the way, all defaults etc.... tried on both 5.6 and 7.2 php versions just in case.... still hanging when I click edit or add field... what else can I try? and has anyone else experienced this?


      • Hello masterbeta !

        Similar strange keys can be tracked only on your site, please provide me your UNA operator access via Messenger here.