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Can't apply UNA 11 update

Alex T⚜️    I can see the UNA 11 update in studio but I'm getting the following.... "Can't apply upgrade because the following files were modified: inc/classes/BxDolTranscoder.php".

I hope you can help.

Thanks, John


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  • John Curtis Go to Studio --> Settings -->Site Settings and tick the box "Force auto-update, even if some files were modified" and then try to update again.

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    • even after this ..my font awesome pro module is not getting updated. .

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      • Yes problem here too.

        Background operation failed with the following message.
        Cannot unarchive ZIP package.

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        • have the same problem (modules/base/profile/classes/BxBaseModProfileModule.php, template/images/spl-image.svg, template/images/spl-image-main-alt.svg, template/images/friends.jpg, template/images/icons/favicon.png), changed the settings to force update and it seems now, that the update starts, but it works not, only a new popup opens with the message: 

          Site will be upgraded within a minute.
          Don't forget to check for modules updates after that.

          but then nothing happens....

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          • Hello Someone07 !

            If you see this message, but nothing happened, you need to check your Cron Jobs execution. It is possible to check in Studio->Dashboard->Server audit, Last Cron Jobs execution line. If it has the time moment not far from the present - then Cron Jobs work.

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            • Hello LeonidS,

              thanks for answer, saw, that the last execution of a cron job was on March 22, so it seems, that works not. What I have to do now?

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              • You need to correct / install Cron Jobs launch. UNA Cron periodic/cron.php file should be launched by PHP every minute.

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                • Hi,

                  I'm new to the platform, had it installed a number of months ago for testing. Then signed on for the plan a few months back. Just now digging into the config for a 2021 launch. I saw the update for 11.0.3 but when attempt to apply I receive this message: "Can't apply upgrade because the following files were modified: studio/template/images/spl-image-main.svg, template/images/spl-image-main.svg"

                  Can I please get some feedback on this error and would help to know why a simple image change would flag the upgrade. Thanks

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                  • Hello Scott Beltz !

                    If you don't have other changes then you may copy this image and enable the "Force auto-update, even if some files were modified " option in Studio->Settings->Site settings area.

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