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Messenger no longer works after update 11.0.0

To regain access I had to disable the js cache.


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  • Hello Baloo,

    The latest version is 11.0.1, install please the latest update. 

    Let me know please if the problem still exists after update.  

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    • Hello Alexey, yes I confirm, it's version 11.0.1

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      • I noticed that too.. re messenger.  So I can second that.     I had two people tell me it's either frozen on them, or it wasn't accessible at all..   also 11.01.    I'm about to reinstall my entire site though, so but for other reasons.  The page builder isn't working, and the site is taking 14 seconds to load.  probably my fault, but it shouldn't be that slow.  

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        • It's strange, I worried for the same reason, because I had received some emails from members about it. So I tested, emptied the caches, tested and retested. Found that works if cache js OR cache db is disabled, but not with both enabled at the same time. Then a few hours later, Alexey came to see on my site, he reactivated the cache and said to me, it works very well for me with the two caches activated. Surprised, I check again and there it works. Mystery to me.

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          • that makes me wonder if there can be a runaway condition where they never sync and catch up in this case.   perhaps it is created in the relationship between those two cache types.   perhaps one has to be turned on before the other.  my instinct would say to turn cache db on first, then js.  then clear cache for them to begin, just in case.  

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            • How do I update the messenger module to 11.0.1?
              I do not see him in the studio updates.

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