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Problems with videos in videos module, plyr, timeline

1. After the update the vertical videos in the videos module are only showing the top half of the video when plyr is active. It's like the videos are not adjusting to the container or something. 

2. In the timeline, the videos that are uploaded using the "update" tab in the post form don't always autoplay.

3. When I add control settings in Plyr app like "download" it breaks the control bar on the videos in the timeline/outline. It seems to be for videos that were uploaded before the update.

I think that all this has something to do with the plyr app because when I disable it, things work, but then the videos are very small without the plyr player.

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    • I have reported some bugs that only occur if autoplay is enabled, look at this ticket, maybe you can apply the fix and see if it happens again afterwards.

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      • Hello Genesis !

        1) Please specify - fo you have this problem for the "vertical videos" which have been uploaded before the upgrade? Or it doesn't matter - all similar videos are not good?

        2) It is fine because in another case it will launch all the uploaded videos in the feed.

        3) Please specify how did you add the "download" to the Plyr panel. I added it to the end of panel and it works fine. Or form your side it's OK too and only affects to "old" (before upgrade) videos?

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          Maybe it has something to do with Plyr autoscaling? Just make Plyr to not extend outside of the video container in the videos app. 

          I sent you the login info in messenger. 

          I just installed a test site and this is happening to all videos in the videos app by default with no changes to the installation. It only happens on desktop and laptop. On mobile it displays properly.

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