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Embedly Not Loading Previews


Has anyone else had issues with Embedly loading preview images this evening?  We've cleared the cache, I see no Javascript issues in the console or errors on the server, and I checked Embedly's network status as well as our account with them.  We've had this issue before when they were having problems, but I don't see anything like that from them today.  Do you guys have any ideas?  Thanks!


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  • Is it possible it's not an Embedly issue but an UNA issue? 

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    • I've tried emebed.ly tonight and it is not working on our site. I have double checked the API key and settings in embed.ly site and on our site but it is not working.

      Is there something else to do, any code injection in head or something?

      Leonid S , Baloo any suggestions , help?

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