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Submenu configuration

Does anyone know how I can replicate the menu on the screenshot?  

I want to add another menu with different buttons that looks like the one on the screenshot.

I'm using Lucid template and I tried all kinds of Submenus but I couldn't replicate it. 

Can I remake the code: bx_menu_slide_inline('-sliding-menu-sys_add_content', $('bx-menu-toolbar-item-add-content a').get(0), 'site'); 

using my custom submenu? 

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    • Hello alexz89 !

      You may try to add the Skeletons->Menu block on any page and then choose there the necessary menu. Also, you may add the Raw block with the proper JS code to correct it.

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      • Thanks, Leonid! I meant when I created my own custom 'add content' menu in Navigation, I couldn't replicate the format shown in the previous post. This is what I get. The menu pops up in the middle of the page, not in the corder. Can you please recommend what I should do?

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        • It works perfectly fine on a mobile browser though

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