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Messenger - separate group chatboxes and private messages

The messenger is great, but it would be more convenient if you could have two tabs which you could select between, one named "PRIVATE" and other "GROUP".

Once you join, say 15 groups, and participate in their chats, and also talk to 20 people 1-on-1, the chat list on the left becomes pretty long and messy.
It would be very convenient for the user to be able to change between a group chat and private messages (which are not associated with any chatbox within groups or spaces).

Is that something that can be included in the next update? Alexey 


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  • I'm 1/2 & 1/2 on this.  I used the DM feature on Twitter for quite a while and the messenger on FB.  So I've seen it both ways.  Multiple tabs tends to crowd up a page, especially when you have multiple group chats going on.  I'd rather see it as it is, I tended to use Twitter's DM more because it was a chronological list, most recent at the top, that I could quickly reference for who I wanted and my page stayed clear otherwise.  

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    • I am not sure that we're talking about the same thing.

      I want the left list to be filtered chronologically as it is now, but with a separation between group chats and personal chats.

      Here is an example:

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      • Hello!

        In the very first Messenger versions we had ability to sort by Talks' types, there was dropdown near the search button. We will discuss this ability and may be return it back.

        Also we plan to add labels for the talks.

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        • Wonderful, thank you!

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