Feasibility Study (freelancer with UNA competence)

Dear All,

Our needs

We have in an office about 1000 patients for dental implants, about 1/3 current. The office has now a fully digital workflow, with CAD/CAM and 3D printer, optical enoral 3D scanner etc.

We want for patient (and dental lab) also a complete digital interaction.

Currently we test Disqus and Evernote to postach.io, Discourse etc.

The patient should be able to express opinion/comments in polls (therefore your smartphone centric approach is interesting, reminds me of GoodBarber)

We want feedback, looks like this https://de.research.net/r/6VBRHPR. We also will have a newsfeed http://news.truppe.at/#/.

In May I will have a presentation, this presentation is advertised via Facebook etc. I prefer to establish a communication without Facebook, or only links to it.


I would like to promote this presentation and offer the colleagues a forum to discuss this presentation.

AND, I would like to offer patients an access to discussion where other colleagues might join. The Internet is the main source of information already anyway.

We want something with Facebook features, but without Facebook!



I need a microcosmos of interaction with patients and colleagues, without Facebook or similar.



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