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Is there a way to use Iframely in Froala?

Has anyone successfully integrated Iframely into Froala? Froala uses Embedly by default and I am not paying $99 a  month for Embedly so for site side settling with $30/m for Iframely. Still a lot, but better then nothing. I notice if I post something lets say embedly embeds my sound cloud page, if I go into edit and then save, my content vanished, and will have to go to re edit and re embed the link. I am wondering if this is because of me using two different embed providers. I looked around the Froala site and only 3rd party integration I see is Embedly. Wish I knew their API code so I could enter it site side and would not need to pay anything. At the end of the day the only place it would be used is in Froala because I use it everywhere on the site. I would be happy just to use the api from Iframely in Froala, being I am already paying for the API at this point.  Any ideas or has anyone successfully used Iframely with Froala? 

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    • Hello Kyle !

      Embed.ly part was integrated to Froala by default (you may see it by the file js\third_party\embedly.min.js in the default Froala package) so it will require the big changes to apply it.

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      • LeonidS Where else would embeds be used if using Froala everywhere including the timeline? If only used where typing in content to context modules and comments and posts, then they would just use Embedly from Froala correct? Also has anyone dealt with the embed title showing instead of the actual link or content when pasting to Froala (It was a youtube link I was pasting)? I am wondering if this was the one bug I see in the github issues list. Has anyone allowed the embedding of content in Froala like me where it messes up when editing a profile, unless you re embed the url upon re editing the profile? If so have you found a fix around it not doing that? I just tried it on UNA in this discussion actually. It embeds when you first save, but if you go into edit and then save it messes up, so you have to re embed the url. Example below:

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        • Embedly is free for 1000 hits which I believe enough for average site, you don't need to even register on their website, just enable Embedly in Settings > General > Embeds provider

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