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Increase Maximum File Size Limit

How do I increase the maximum file size that users can upload from 200 MB to 2GB ?


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    • Hello Jake,

      Dependently, it actually comes from your server parameters. On your server side, for instance,Β cpanel-> MultiPHP INI Editor (php.ini file).Β The following values affect uploads:

      Memory_limit (should be significantly higher for fine video conversion compared to post_max_size)

      post_max_size (to upload large files, value should be higher than upload_max_filesize)

      Β upload_max_filesize (max size of an uploaded file)Β 

      In a nutshell, practically, you may as well put 2048M for all values each.

      Nevertheless, (optional) you may still set in studio-> storage limit per membership as well if you want to but these values here will only be valid if they re within the server upload parameters/settings

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      • I have UNA Cloud so I don’t have direct access to the server settings, including cpanel. Last time for our other site the UNA team changed it but we need it changed for this video sharing site https://explore.free-comm.org

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        • LeonidS can you please make this quick switch for explore.free-comm.org from 200 MB to 2GB file uploads allowed?

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