Where to enter mobile number

The latest version is great but where to enter the mobile number that I can't understand

  • I have not tested this system yet, it interests me a lot because I am faced with a lot of fake accounts that try to defraud others. Now, I wonder, are honest people ready to give their private number to register on a site? I do not know, to think, but I'm glad that this possibility exists.

    Otherwise, I think you need to create an account at Twilio and enter your settings in Options -> System -> Security -> Twilio.

    Then go to "Options" -> "Accounts" and activate "" and choose, if you want "", or "phone + Email".

    I guess you have to uncheck "Automatic account activation after creation "

    This should then work.

    • Baloo is right, but you don't need to uncheck "Automatic account activation after creation".

      Also you can just choose how to use phone

      1) for account verification only - then you need to set "Account is confirmed when" option to "phone is confirmed" or "email and phone are confirmed"

      2) for 2FA - then you need to just enable "Enable 2FA" option

      3) for both 1 and 2

      User will be required to enter mobile phone on second step upon join if you decided with 2nd or 3rd option, or on phone confirmation page in case of 1st and 3rd option.

      • Thanks for replying. This is great option for UNA. 

        • But I have a question, Can we log in with the phone number?

          • How can the user change their phone number?

            • If you have made a wrong number, you can start again and enter another number. I do not think it's registered in your database, but at Twilio you have statistics.

                It works at home? I have error ...

              • It works great but i can't see number anywhere to change number and verify another one again.

                • There is no error in verification

                  • If you are using trial account then you can use only one number for verification. 

                    • So that may give you error.

                      • Yes but I paid and I still have this error, it works at home?

                        • I've tried this too and get error. Is there a set of better instructions somewhere? I have an account with funds on it already.

                          The accounts SID and Auth Token is where I'm not sure on which one to use on Twilio site.

                          • Yes, that is working from home. I don't know why are you getting error Baloo.

                            • Account SID and Auth token are in dashboard of twilio.