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There are several potential problems in this release which are easily fixable

1) site may remain in maintenance mode after upgrade when SMPT Mailer module is enabled, in this case check logs/upgrade.log for any error if everything is ok, then just delete .bx_maintenance file from the root UNA folder

2) if you have Froala editor module installed, then you need to install new FontAwesome Pro module to have toolbar correctly displayed in the editor

3) Froala editor may display message about the license error, then just clear your browser's cache.

I am suggesting an enhancement for the Forum categorization to enable it useful for those that may have wide project scope for example discussion on National security for different countries cannot be appropriately categorised as Security.

It should be a subcategory under USA because National Security is country specific to mention a few. 

Take Auto industry for example: SUVs divided into Brand like Toyota, BMW etc

Forum of global scope must give room for subcategorization. The present single level category will be too long and is limited in application just ok for corporate issues. I think Dolphin has this capability.

My suggestion.

Since I re-installed the latest version afresh my website and got the modules all installed, I realised I cannot post to feed as Administrator. It pops up "Not logged in users can't post". If i refresh after this action, It will display the login and Signup links. I am instantly logged out when I try posting to feed as Admin.

Ordinary member account works fine and even on my Test Site, Admin can post to feed.

The post displayed on the Public Feed (Outline) is supposed to be a snippet of the publication. But it displays the full content and defeats the purpose of the Outline. 

Captured in the screenshots.


The new collapsible Field block header shows on the view page when all corresponding fields are empty and invissible as a result.

In Dophin, the Block Header with its underlying fields becomes invisible when they have no content.

The collapsible capability is a great addition, but showing when it has nothing to display is not ok.

See the attached screenshot.

I think we can retain old Dolphin capability with the new collapsibility.


I have experienced the disappearance of the Member Icon on the top right corner on several occassions and now persistent.

I am still configuring my site and this happenned on desktop once and severally on my HP SlateBook as captured in the screenshot.

This makes all links controllled through the member Icon inaccessible.

I created a logout lnk on the Footer to enable me logout.

Beyond login out, there are lots of control links i cant use when this happens.

This never happen when I login as Administrator

What could be responsible?

Whats the way out please.


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The field for Date of Birth marked Required(*) is submitted successfully.
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