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Having strange issue here on una.io using internal message system.

I explain here if this helps:

1-Tryng to contact a Mix theme vendor. Went to his profile here and click on "Message"

2-Write message as usually.

3-But when i sent it, the message is sent to my last message contact, not the correct one i tryng to contact.

4-This way, i sending menssages to another person who has not any relation.

5-Conversation with the desired contact not even appear on the list on left.

I attach screencap of this helps. I send test "hello" to the contact but again it was send to a different one with not any relation.

Second time this happens to me, few days ago started a conversation with a incorrect profile thinking was talking with this vendor.

This only happening to me? Did i something wrong?

Many thanks!

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How can change spash page background color? 

Looking here:/studio/designer.php?page=splash  but unable to see where change the color code or what line add.

Anybody knows how to do?


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HelloHaving strange issue here on una.io using internal message system.I explain here if this helps:…
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How can change spash page background color? Looking here:/studio/designer.php?page=splash  but unabl…
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