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Tips for new users of the UNA.IO platform

So, you are a new user, you have just discovered the Una platform and you are asking yourself a lot of questions, which is very natural.

Una contains many communication channels such as blogs, feed, messenger, conversation, discussions etc ...

How to do and where to ask for help

It is good to create a new discussion by problem or question, it is very important to respect this rule so that each new user can quickly find an answer to a question that has already been asked, and/or be able to locate quickly a subject already treated.

First and foremost, search !

It is very likely that the subject has already been addressed. It is important not to discuss existing topics so as not to scatter information.

So start by going to the right section.


Do your research ...


If you do not find what you are looking for, do not forget that you can search in natural language via google with the command:

"your search by ending by site:una.io"


You will probably find what you are looking for or a very similar topic, so you can ask additional questions in the found discussion. Adding an answer in a discussion has the effect of putting it back in first position in the feed, so the different speakers will not fail to answer you.

In case you do not find, then create a new topic


Fill out the form carefully with an explicit title so that it is easy for other users to find it.

But above all, describe your problem in a clear and precise way and do not hesitate to join one or more screenshot.

This is very important and it avoids wasting time. Remember, you are alone in front of your screen, the person who will answer you is not there.

Then wait a bit, either a confirmed user will answer you, or a member of Una Team.

Believe me, this is the best way to go, so you will learn quickly, but you will also help to teach others by exposing relevant and orderly questions.

Thank you for reading this, and good luck and good fun to all ;-)

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    • Well done. Are you working with the UNA team? If not, they should hire you! 

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      • No ... in fact, I did not pure selfishness :-) I tell myself that it is a great waste of time to always repeat the same thing and I look forward to the updates with great impatience: -)

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      • Thanks Baloo!

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        • With pleasure :-)

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        • Good info Baloouna! 😄 

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          • Baloouna -  très bon, it’s catchy! 

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          • Wonderful work, Baloo !!! We’ve promoted and pinned this post. UNA community is growing fast and we are getting hammered by support requests, so it is amazing when members help newcomers to navigate through the process. 👌💪✌️

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            • Thank you. I noticed that Leonid uses the same keys all the time, I hope this will save his keyboard :-)

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            • Thanks Baloo, I have just started and will no doubt be searching through finding answers

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              • well down

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                • 👍

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