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iOS and Android Apps for UNA.IO Released. Test now!

The very first public build of ReactNative apps for UNA is available for testing. These are compiled for UNA.IO website specifically, so you install them and use with your UNA.IO account to test and tell us about any issues you may find or any ideas on improvements that you think would be needed in the nearest future. 

Please, note that this is the very first version, which we keep as simple as possible. From this stage, we plan to start adding new features and making adjustments regularly. 


Download and Install


UNA.IO Android App

Download and Install


Both apps will allow you to receive native push notifications and generally use the site without the browser. We plan to test them actively over the next two weeks and then release updated versions, along with their source code to the community. 

UNA Native apps connector for your own site will be available as part of Pro and Cloud subscriptions or to be purchased separately for $100 (one-off fee with 1 year of updates and support included). 

The source code for both apps will be publicly available for review. Developers are welcome to fork and commit improvements.

Both apps will be released under MIT license.

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  • Some of the upcoming updates that we already plan include:

    - Separate navigation builder for the launch bar - so you can include, say, a Messenger or Market icons into it, if those modules are installed. Since some sites don't have certain modules installed or may have their own priorities, we don't include those links by default.

    - Standalone Messenger apps for iOS and Android. Often it makes better sense for some sites - having two separate apps, or just one Messenger app as native. 

    - Speed and functionality improvements in Timeline, including getting rid of duplication of posts when channels are used, change in pagination system, improved caching and improved database queries. 

    - Eventually using JOT interface as the main UI option for the apps, which will allow for nearly instant UI response, making the apps look and feel more like fully-native.


  • Downloaded and will be testing and report back with any issues. Thanks!!

    • Andrew Boon where would you like the report sent/posted?

    • Downloaded android. No issues, logged in with UNA account and up and running now. 

      • Downloaded, will test and comment back. 

        • Just a question, how do I go to messenger? 

          • Via your site link to the messenger. Wherever it is. :)

            When we add a menu builder you’d be able to add it to launch bar. 

            • But we currently can't download it correct, until further notice?

              • Apps are available for UNA.IO site - via the App Store. We are basically making them available for testing on our site first. Apps will be available as a product, (so you can create apps for your site) in a couple of weeks.

              • Damn... This is gonna take una to the next level! I love it already and I can't wait to have mine.

                Though I basically developed a web app for my website some months ago. But this is definitely cooler and I'm sure everyone wants it.

                • Can't wait!!

                  • So far looks really good. Much better than how Dolphins was. Would future modules before release be tested on the app also or should it already be ready? The way you introduced this is beautiful and simple and the plans making it easy for everyone is amazing. Hopefully the conversion from website to app is seamless

                    • Great! A tip if you click on share on Facebook or buttons with external links, it would be better if the app asked if you wanted to use the browser of the smartphone rather than continue to open the external links in the application

                    • :))))

                      Started testing 😃 

                      • Very good news - well done guys

                        • Looks good for a start. When the day comes, do not forget to include a tutorial that explains how to submit an application at google and at apple, because I've never done, and quite frankly the idea does not get carried away ... I feel that it'll break my head, but maybe I'm wrong ...

                        • I noticed another thing, if you update the profile with a state there is only the possibility to choose to upload an image, but it is not possible to take and upload a photo just taken, always on android

                          • It should be possible, but the particular functionality is dependant on the Android device, what is your Android OS version and device type ?

                            • Honor view 10 with Android 8.1, While I was replying to the post I just noticed that: if I click on the green icons to upload a photo it starts a simple upload, while if I use the image icon inside the editor it allows me to take a photo

                              • I recorded a short clip of the screen and sent it to you with messenger

                              • Cool. I have it now on iPhone. 

                                How can I translate it?

                                • Thats works nicely, good job UNA team

                                  • how use it on my website??

                                    • From coast to coast, UNA is the most.

                                      From east to west, UNA is the best!

                                      • A bit of activity showing from the mobile app. We are getting reports and suggestions aplenty - so the apps should be getting ready for release soon. 

                                      • but is there a way to increase the loading speed like whatsapp or instagram

                                        • Yes, there a few things we're working on. First, we will improve the loading speed of some heavy pages in UNA in general, such as pages with Feeds (homepage especially), potentially using asynchronous loading of data items and other tricks. The apps will also change behaviour a bit to improve perceived speed and eventually work with more ReactJS elements to give that "instant reaction" feel of purely native apps.

                                          Note that most of the speed issues come from the website itself. It's not possible to create a universal fully native app for UNA-based sites, because you can build very unique setups and the app would have to natively mimic that. Instead, we only define the most likely common elements (launch bar, authentication, search, notifications etc) for native components and rely on webview for the rest. Therefore any speed optimisations should first be done with the site in general. Apps just make this more urgent. :) 

                                          • please and please do not forget to give detailed and simple instruction for the customization of the apps

                                          • Where is the source code?


                                          • Just a question...we have to pay to have our app on Apple correct?

                                          • To have your app on Apple store it is $100 a year. Your app must be very clean and Apple can be picky making you do some improvements in order to finally be accepted. The review process can take a week at the most. Android is just a one time fee of $25 and the app is usually accepted in 24 hours tops. They are less picky than Apple is.

                                            • When is the official launch date ?

                                              • We have to release UNA 9.1 to make the apps work, so it’s about 3 more weeks. The source code will be released earlier though, so you’d be able to start customising and preparing your builds. 

                                              • Will this app be available to purchase with Super Apps?

                                              • YES!!! YES YES YES YES !!! FINALLY !!! I-am-so-happy!!! Thank you !
                                                Now I can apply my website to a province of Cambodia for testing. This is great guys.
                                                Hugs and beer to you all.

                                                I also found out what was wrong with my website. It turned out that the internet company had blocked my IP from accessing my sites. Political stuff. Now I use the Tor-browser for a while, while the government is filing a lawsuit against them.

                                                I might require your paid services at some point though, but we can talk about that when it becomes relevant. First for testing the system on 2.5 million people. I hope the app does not have a self-destruct mechanism or something ugly like that.

                                                • Will there be a way to use the mobile "share via"... So if people find articles online they can easily share directly to the app?

                                                  • I think videos on mobile app customization will be a great aid

                                                    • Can we get more info onthe new features associated with the new updates and the mobile apps

                                                    • Yh we good i just wanna plan my  budget and know the additional costs plus are we gonna get  a voice  messaging or video/audio call feature

                                                      • As for the cost... The plan is that all apps - iOS, Android, MacOS and Win will be part of Pro and Cloud plans. No extra cost. To buy separately they'll be $50 each (including 1 year of updates/support).

                                                        • by the way if you are using a different host what happens when your pro plan expires and how do you renew it without any change in your app setting

                                                          • If your Pro plan expires nothing happens - the PowerApps will stop updating but will keep working as usual. When you reinstate the Pro plan they will start updating again.

                                                          • Hi, app is awesome... will you please add taking pic from camera icon in chat messenger ..i can see video and attachment icon is there..

                                                            maybe we can add camera icon and plus symbol ..where plus symbol will open attachment, video and voice recording options..

                                                            Thanks and Regards,

                                                            Travis K

                                                          • When is the app source be available to buy or what link for the source. Ty in advance.

                                                            • If I purchase the Nexus app, does it come with more detailed information than is at  github unaio una-mobile-app  ?  Especially something tailored around how to load and build in Android studio?

                                                              • hi guys, can anyone guide me the steps to launch mobile app for my website.

                                                                Where to download source code and how to edit it to work with my website. I already have a license.


                                                                Travis K

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