The module allows YOU and YOUR users to post news.

The features list:

  1. Post news.
  2. Use categories to organize news better.
  3. Specify location (if it's needed).
  4. Attach image which can help to describe the news better.
  5. Postponed publishing.
  6. Each News has its own page with Breadcrumbs, Content, Share buttons, Comments, etc blocks.
  7. Share a page in social networks.
  8. Use Privacy settings to control the access to news view page.
  9. Use Privacy settings to control who can comment news.
  10. Recent News on site's home page.
  11. News home page and the other browsing pages.
  12. Manage news tool, which allows to easily manage your own news in one place.
  13. News module was integrated with default UNA's Timeline module.
  14. Autoapprove mode which can be turned on/off via Studio.
  15. Administration panel in Studio.
  16. Use UNA's ACL to control the access to module related actions, like create news, browse news, etc. By default Moderator and Admininstrator profiles can create news. It can be changed via Studio -> Permissions.

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    • great module .... good job ?

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      • Is there anyway you can uses an RSS news feed to auto post news articles to the feed?

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        • Hi AQB Soft Team, just to inform You: On my fresh UNA12 install, una cloud4, there are some lang keys not set correctly by default...image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=4716&dpx=2&t=1613559566

          All  _aqb_news_menu_item_title_entries_(public/latest, popular, search, categories, manage) 




          most of the news manage keys

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          • Hello.

            All these keys exist in English language by default.

            <string name="_aqb_news_menu_item_title_entries_home"><![CDATA[News]]></string>
            <string name="_aqb_news_menu_item_title_system_entries_public"><![CDATA[Latest]]></string>
            <string name="_aqb_news_menu_item_title_entries_public"><![CDATA[Latest]]></string>
            <string name="_aqb_news_menu_item_title_system_entries_manage"><![CDATA[Manage]]></string>
            <string name="_aqb_news_menu_item_title_entries_manage"><![CDATA[Manage]]></string>
            <string name="_aqb_news_menu_item_title_system_entries_popular"><![CDATA[Popular]]></string>
            <string name="_aqb_news_menu_item_title_entries_popular"><![CDATA[Popular]]></string>
            <string name="_aqb_news_menu_item_title_system_entries_categories"><![CDATA[Сategories]]></string>
            <string name="_aqb_news_menu_item_title_entries_categories"><![CDATA[Сategories]]></string>
            <string name="_aqb_news_menu_item_title_system_entries_search"><![CDATA[Search]]></string>
            <string name="_aqb_news_menu_item_title_entries_search"><![CDATA[Search]]></string>

            Looks like something went wrong during the installation process.

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            • Thx for the reply. Right now I did a complete reinstall of the News 4.0.0 module. Same situation. Many strings are not set, and do not exist - as described above. All other AQB modules (quiet a lot) work like a charm, news module does not.

              I'm using UNA 12 since 3 days, unacloud 4 hosted, no changes at all... just a fresh UNA 12 with core, premium and 3rd party modules, 

              strange... any ideas?

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            • AQB Soft this morning I did the 3rd fresh install of the news module. No changes, different keys - as mentioned above - are still missing. I sent You a PM, please check it as I see no other possibility to clear this. Your news module is needed very much.

              My setup: UNA 12, unacloud hosted, fresh installation, no changes at all....

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              • Hello. Is it possible to take a look at your site? I would need Studio access info. If so, you are welcome to send it to us via PM.

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                • Fixed. The issue appeared because language file had one broken language key. Thank you for the report.

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                  • As allways, perfect support! Thank You very much!

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