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First of all I would like to acknoledge the fantastic work the team does here with this platform and what an amazing product we have to work with.However sometimes things go wrong, whether it is a bug after an update, or something else we have done wrong, when a problem occurs as an administrator of a number of UNA sites it is frustrating how slow and hard it is to get a response and some help sometimes.I don't expect it for free even, I am happy to pay for service received, but would like to know if the UNA Team would be able to provide a responsive support service?There are apps like Teamviewer where you can log in to a system and see the settings, look at files, troubleshoot, edit files if necesary and get to the bottom of a problem within minutes instead of days or weeks. The technology is there to provide the level of support that people have become accustomed to with other software and as I said I am happy to subscribe to a support service or pay for ad-hoc support when needed.How does the community feel about this? Could we have some sort of rapid response service with chat and/or support ticket system that has things like Teamviewer or equivalent?Andrew Boon 

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After the last auto update I get this database error when trying to access Studio.Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'BxTemplAcl' not found in /home/com/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolAcl.php:129 Stack trace: #0 /home/com/public_html/modules/boonex/timeline/classes/BxTimelineTemplate.php(37): BxDolAcl::getInstance() #1 /home/com/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolModule.php(71): BxTimelineTemplate->__construct(Object(BxTimelineConfig), Object(BxTimelineDb)) #2 /home/com/public_html/modules/base/general/classes/BxBaseModGeneralModule.php(25): BxDolModule->__construct(Array) #3 /home/com/public_html/modules/base/notifications/classes/BxBaseModNotificationsModule.php(40): BxBaseModGeneralModule->__construct(Array) #4 /home/com/public_html/modules/boonex/timeline/classes/BxTimelineModule.php(74): BxBaseModNotificationsModule->__construct(Array) #5 /home/com/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolModule.php(102): BxTimelineModule->__construct(Array) #6 /home/com/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolPreloader.php(84): BxDolModule::getInstance('bx_timeline') #7 /home/com/public_html/inc/cla in /home/com/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolAcl.php on line 129

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So we have a profile called "site news" which publishes a news post each day.As I understand, unless you are a "friend" of that profile you will not receive notifications of the news posts.Is there a way to bulk change members to add a friend?What database tables/fields are involved and could it be done with phpmyadmin ? 

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In Studio for the member level it shows "View Person's Profile" is enabled.


However when the member logs in with that member level they can't see their own profile,  "ACCESS DENIED".  See in the URL the -page is view-persons-profile?id=417.

Is there another place in permissions to grant access to this?


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What size is the image supposed to be?Every attempt results in a distorted image being displayed.Also I am wondering if someone can help guide me on these two issuesDid I post them in the right place?  

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