Messenger 11.0.2


We have just released new update for Messenger with fixes, improvements and main new ability - Jitsi Video conferences.Now you can allow members to create Video Conferences in Talks. There were added several new options in Messenger settings for Jitsi. Feel free to use and if any problems let us know.

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    • I do not see the video conference icon in those screenshots. 

      • Considering this requires you to use the Jitsi Mobile App anyways, I am not sure I understand why that is. To me, it seems that it's just a button that is hidden from Mobile Browsers. So I guess what I am hearing is, if you are on vacation and want to have a video chat with your family, you better take a computer with you or find someone with a computer who can start the room for you. Or, you have the option of struggling to figure out how to create your own mobile apps, pay the developer fees, and if you are successful at even making them work, hope like hell that Google and Apple approve them.I created mobile apps with Dolphin that were pretty straight forward but now, I can't even get the default app to even load in the emulator without multiple errors. Creating a custom page with Jitsi Meet API seems to work with both mobile (still requires Jitsi app) and desktop.  Sorry for the rant but.. just seems odd. That's all. .

        • i tested the video today on my linux laptop.  it was extremely slow, and messenger was noticably slower.  messenger ran before flawlessly, but now is slow and strange.    we tried a conference with three people.  "the audio is extremely choppy, it sounds like you're under water or something, or like there are ten of you.""your video works though,""this is strange, lets try again tomorrow." (after half hour of trying for it to work.)me: hmm. also, the window dragging around noticably screwed up the entire messenger chat. it almost felt like the window did not want to re-draw itself fast enough to be dragged around. as if it was "heavy" it didnt want to move around much. also sending text from the chat into messenger was impossibly slow (7-8 seconds) for load of chat in jitsi, and 4-5 seconds for message to appear in jitsi, and then another 3-4 seconds for it to copy into messenger history, while trying to drag window around to see if it went in added another 12-24 seconds give or may be my laptops age, 2017, it may be something else. just wanted to inform. :)


          also, video message into group chat did not work after the fact when i tried to apologize to my friends, but in messenger 11.0.1 these messages of video worked fine.  (there was no audio attached to the mime type, brief error flashed.)linux mint 18- kernel 4.4.x

            • Hello Chris,

              This button will be available in UNA app and users will be able to use Video Conferences in it. Also there is another ability may exist: to leave this button for mobile browser also, but in this case users will see the message that they should download free Jitsi app for mobile and communicate through it, so may be to add this ability as option to messenger.

              • Hello UMIT OZAYDIN ,

                Contact me please via PM with studio, I will check your settings 

                • Thank you for the details, I will try to check and reproduce.

                  • Hello John Curtis ,

                    It was our first idea to show popup with message and don't hide the button, but then we decided just to hide button for incompatible devices.We will add warning message to the next update.  

                    • Thank you for the report. I will correct it.

                      So, the same popup appears on mobile devices and we hide it. 

                      We can leave this window as option for users who don't use UNA App. In this case users will be able to Download Jitsi App (as suggested in message) and communicate through the Jitsi app. Chris described this problem above.

                      • Hello VICINIA ,

                        If you have changed your domain name recently then you have to reset the license for the module in your account to make the module available on a new domain.

                        • Hello Omar Amer,

                          Thank you for the details, I will check it.

                          • iits working on mobile device browser, but need change to Desktop UA mode

                            • I'm not in support of having a "Download Jitsi app" popup show on unsupported mobile browsers. Many of us do not want a third party seperate app name display in our website. It can also get confusing for people who stumble upon our websites through search engines. I think its best to just hide the button and let individual website owners put their own message to download jitsi app rather than make it mandatory for everyones site. Many of us would need you guys to go in and scrap the message manually where as those that do want the warning or message can simply put in a seperate block with the Jitsi download links.

                              • The problem is, the button to start a video conference is hidden (by default) if you are using a mobile device to view the site. I have the latest Samsung Galaxy, browsers that are compatible so, I am not sure what you mean about "unsupported mobile browsers". 

                                As of right now, if a Desktop user created a group video chat, it sends that push message to those people with a red join button. If anyone who gets that alert and is currently viewing your site with a mobile device and clicks join, they are prompted to download the Jitsi App and then it connects them to the room.

                                You mentioned adding a way to have your users download the Jitsi App some other way. That still doesn't fix the issue. Reason is, the button still will not be available in your site. If you open the Jitis App directly, well, you just created a room where you are the only person there, no push notifications, and have no way of getting others to join without posting the link somewhere on your site. 

                                What I am thinking is, having the button with an option to enable/disable for Mobile browsers so not everyone has to use it. If someone viewing your site with a mobile device creates a group chat, then wants to start a video conference, a popup would appear to download or continue to the app (like it does now). BUT at least this way, you get the hashed link, the push notification would go out, and others at the site will have the option to join. 

                                As I mentioned above, not everyone has developed/published UNA Mobile Apps for their sites. 

                                • this is solid, and to make it slightly more complex, mobile users not using a mobile app with api endpoints have to be considered too.  not all of us have dev liscenses or 800$ to throw at a mobile app deployment,so for example my users view my site via the browser, and need backwards compatibility with the function, as well as ANY other una site a toggle i think is a nice intermediary workaround, for those fetching the mobile page.because it will work on some hardware, and will not work on others,giving the site operator the ability to choose what series of detection scripting flow gets executed given the workload of "video meeting create event" , and how tis displayed based on the toggle ""push content to mobile browser users" and "hope for compatibility" versus "hide button from user if detected mobile fetch via browser" ?i'd rather try to fetch and havec mymobile browser blow up than not have the option...its NNAND/SSD anyway, you really can't break it.. you just have to re-set theres no loss if it doesnt work, other than .. it not working. humans we are an adaptive species.. and who knows, maybe wont work now, but will work with further software/firmware updates to a particular best to just let them try i think....

                                  • which app allows most participants jitsi video v. rocket chat

                                    also can we have a comparison between functionality of both thanks

                                    • For mobile deployment, you will need to update to the last version on the UNA Mobile App 1.4.0

                                      Well there is no update to mobile so far...

                                      • It’s always done that problem/issue “Connecting.....” from the getgo and if it’s not resolved it will make users think that the messenger is broke or whatever and will steer them away. Cause not only will that be a negative but also so will never knowing if the recipient ever got it or not cause it needs a confirmation if “sending”, “sent”, and “read”.

                                        • Omar Amer Update your Linux Mint. You are running an old version. I am running 19.3 and works fine with no issues or slowing of functionality. 

                                          • Jeremy howdy! Replacing the entire house when it has a foundation and functional walls and windows isnt usually the easiest answer. especially when it's a racked system at a data center that you dont work at. :) 18.0.4 is an LTS release, and was chosen specifically because everything has matured and works inter-operably together properly. hence "production system."Ever ran debian testing or unstable? You wake up one morning and update your system only to find that some contractor replaced your floor with a zipline in the middle of the night and left a post it note with instructions on how to get out of your bed and zipline to the front door, and with additional instructions outside your house staked to a piece of rebar inside a plastic ziplock bag telling you that you will have to live outside for the next week because they've decided to build a new sewer line directly under your house... :-pim running node 12,series and definitely trust me, there are 100 domains on this box of mine and im not about to update the OS just because of a little slowing :D ::chuckle::im glad yours is working though :D

                                            • You mentioned you tested it with your laptop that has Linux Mint 18 on it. I wasn't referring to your server setup. Although, I do hope you aren't running your site off a Linux Mint box. I only host roughly 44 domains and sites off my box but it's a Ubuntu Server with 16Gigs of Ram 8 Tb of storage with Xeon processors. Runs decent. But as I said, my laptop running Linux Mint 19.3 connects to it fine and no lag on the video conferencing side.

                                              • the reason my laptop sucks is because it's a 512gb 4,800 rpm magnetic media, LOL..  with 4gb of ram, and a 2 core i5...   the bus sucks, and you really feel it with the seek/write speed..  it can only do about 2.5mpbs from video framebuffer to disk before it starts really getting confused or upset.  you try to redraw the window on a media heavy java script thing it just goes straight to hell. :)   a simple laptop upgrade will fix that, but i havent gotten it onto my priority tree yet, i do most of my computing "thin" via an ipad pro 12.9.  yes, the server is assuredly not mint haahhahahaha..    yeah mine is a 16gig 12 core intel box, and well, its fast.  but i just need a new laptop Hahaha.

                                                • That would help. I am running 16GB Ram and 1TB SSD with a 10th Gen I7 processor laptop wise. Its pretty quick, especially running Linux. 

                                                  • thats about what i'd like to update to, although ive always had a sweet spot for amd, one of my most favorite workhorse systems ever was an athlon k7x 1.67ghz which literally flew at the time when intel was only learning to rake the sand.  i think in the next few years processors are going to get increasingly draconian, the current branch/generations are likely going to be the "golden age" +-, ymmv, but just my guess. i wouldn't wish running windows on even someone I didn't like.

                                                    • Yeah. I remember when I had a K6-2 350 in the 90's and loved it. I was always an AMD fan as well. Had the Athlon series and many others. 

                                                      • im looking at a 1tb refurb laptop with a 15.6'' and a ryzen 9...  i think that ought to be pretty damn snappy.   highly tempted to run pure debian on it, since i only use wMaker or xfce 4 anyway, i dont do this modern "cinnamon" shit.. :D

                                                        • That processor could handle Cinnamon fine but XFCE is all you really need anyway for functionality. 

                                                          • I am one of those people that either does not want a gui most of the time, because its typically highly inefficient (I re organize my desktop from the commandline for example)  LOL, or if i am forced to look at one, its only so i can relate to people not using a non-gui environment that are not directly in front of me.  lmfaobut yeah, I think I had tried cinnamon and decided it was horrible, and promptly re-installed wMaker and xfce.have you ever seen wMaker? (window maker) ? its f******ing beautiful and very simple..

                                                            • Never used it before. I mainly install the OS and use it for design and building sites and use webmin on my servers for server administration instead of CPanel. And I am in terminal a lot to make machines listen better

                                                              • well, where it really shines is if you for some reason need the ability to run a windowed application, and or feel a need to or want to, but with the absolute minimal crap possible to make it run.

                                                                you install square tiles and can put them along the edge of the screen in order you choose, set the single or double click to launch, right click them for other options, i think the entire thing weighs in at under 16 megabytes.. it's pretty epically brilliant..  

                                                                one could think of it as a framebuffer to run xterm inside of, but nearly as responsive as a native TTY VT100 terminal..  no bloat.

                                                                • Sounds pretty slick. Will have to try it out one day. Thanks for the info

                                                                  • as the young hoolingans say, 'fa'sho.'  hahahaha.  but yeah its rad.  i've used it for years.  it is the fastest window manager, hands down, minus like that other one that doesn't do much by modern standards, i forget the name, but oh rat something..  super old

                                                                    • I am trying to see how this works and how to implement it on my platform

                                                                      • Hello imetonthenet !

                                                                        How it works you may see right here - it's enough to click the Messenger button on any profile.

                                                                        • Hello!

                                                                          Problem with connection... may be linked with Jot Server or internet connection. If Jot Server is working fine, then connection... title should not be visible.

                                                                          About sending message: when user sends the message, you may see loading icon near the message and when message is sent (inserted to database), icon disappears. 

                                                                          • I paid for the new messenger and I don't see it working. Can you please install it? 

                                                                            Product: MessengerLicense: 8ZS506Z8046WG7UT 

                                                                            • Hello!

                                                                              Provide me please with your studio access info via PM, I will check.

                                                                              • Hello, I tried using Jitsi Video calls in a Shout Box of an event to which I invited some of my users but they couldn't join the call. The screenshot of the error they saw is attached. I tried different settings in Studio/Messenger, but none have worked so far. Please advise. 

                                                                                • Learnt that iPhone & iPad actually does support WebRTC since iOS 11.

                                                                                  Go to Settings> Safari> Request Desktop Website> Enable.

                                                                                  Or, if prefer mobile website as primary. Fastest way to enable is tap on ‘aA’ on browser‘s URL bar... left side, tap on ’Request Desktop Website’

                                                                                  Hey, Alexey... please enable Jitsi icon for phone!

                                                                                  • Notised that by default: audio is on and video is off.

                                                                                    Now, if you were deaf (around 466 million people worldwide)... we'd have to disable sound and enable video. Quite annoying every time. Could you please leave video toggle on. Thanks!

                                                                                    • I agree with Nathe on this matter. It may seem like a small thing but many people are not technical minded enough to figure it out. Please trust me on that. Because some of the settings are hidden until you mouse over. So they give up and silently leave. Rather than ask questions.

                                                                                      (In some scenarios, they can hear others talking but they don't realize their own microphone is OFF.)

                                                                                      How might this default setting be changed? So that the default for audio and video is ON!

                                                                                      And Nathe, what has been your experience with the iPad and iPhone "desktop website"? Do you prefer it over the external Jitsi app?

                                                                                      Thank you!

                                                                                      • iPad Desktop Website works out of box.

                                                                                        iPhone Desktop Website has a couple of issues:

                                                                                        • Self-Cam on phone looks freeze but Desktop and iPad shows phone has motion.
                                                                                        • When toggle to Tile view, it would pop up with video record or livestreaming. Just close it and you have tile view.

                                                                                        Tested on self-host Jitsi server and directly Jitsi server.

                                                                                        For now, I would suggest to use Jitsi app for iPhone until they work out the kinks.

                                                                                        • This is true of Firefox on Android devices also. Both iOS and Android supports it.

                                                                                          • Thank you Nathe and Jeremy for these informative test results. 

                                                                                            From coast to coast, you guys are the MOST!

                                                                                              • Hello Chris,

                                                                                                This button will be available in UNA app and users will be able to use Video Conferences in it. Also there is another ability may exist: to leave this button for mobile browser also, but in this case users will see the message that they should download free Jitsi app for mobile and communicate through it, so may be to add this ability as option to messenger.

                                                                                                So where is the link for the download, instructions, and how do you set it up?  I downloaded all, installed, PAID for Messenger/Jitsi 3 weeks ago and have zero clue on how to finish the setup as the install obviously doesn't do that?  Have folks waiting to get this working and is why I went to UNA from Dolphin to start with. Any clues, code/download, instructions, etc. helpful to have it working on the server would be most helpful.  I know this is not a Chris thin, but this platform doesn't let me comment to the main post for some reason. Thanks, Robert

                                                                                                • Took it for a spin. 

                                                                                                  FIrst takes. 

                                                                                                  Works well on PC. Will be great to be able to set the frame size of the window 

                                                                                                  On mobile it requires you to have jitsu app and basically just pulls the call up on the app. 

                                                                                                  Doesn't work on the UNA mobile app. 

                                                                                                  It will work on updated UNA Mobile App

                                                                                                  Mark, haven't gotten Messenger/Jitsi to work yet, for over a week. The upgrade came out, but I don't see, or know, where to download, install AND SETUP instructions, I haven't found, discovered or figured out yet. Sure would be a help to get this working, especially after purchasing and module installing it. It doesn't appear that the install does all of the settings, ports or something, but I have zippo to go by. Thanks. Robert

                                                                                                  • Hello,

                                                                                                    Is this possible to install the node.js not on the same Server as una is running?

                                                                                                    BR Ewsg

                                                                                                    • Hello!

                                                                                                      Yes, you can install Jot Server on another server.

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