Comment to 'Magic'
Comment to Magic
  • My bad, I took this post as showing an "new" upcoming feature. If I read your comment right, this is just showing a custom job for a client and NOT intended to be a preview of an upcoming feature to UNA itself. Basically showing the possibilities of what UNA can do. 👍 

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    • So Chris  I actually don’t take it that way partially because of the way Andrew Boon explained it but also the fact if you look at the source code and the commits that have been submitted it seems pretty clear at least to me that it’s going to become part of the base code. Of course that doesn’t mean anyone will be forced to use it

      and actually I think when he says it’s not a “new“ feature it’s more that this was something that they were paid to do for a customer as a custom job which means it was part of the workflow that would’ve happened anyway and not a side project taking time away from bug fixes and other improvements. 

      If I’m guessing right, I actually think it’s pretty bad ass that the general population and supporters of the platform would be given access to something that was developed as part of a custom job costing custom job money. I wouldn’t have expected that kind of benefit 

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      • Just like Mosi76 noted, it’s being developed as part of the customer job (actually a couple of customers), but it will be added to the version.

        We have different agreements on different features - some unique features remain part of client projects and are never even shown here (customer IP) while some we agree to add to the version.  When we add to the version we all benefit from the initial work being paid for by the customer, while the customer benefits from reduced (or zero) cost for future updates. We only do this for feature that make good sense to be included for the core. 

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