Comment to 'Is a multi-user videochat available ?'
  • Yes Will, that's what I experencied too. The videochat I am using for now allows to see as many cams as needed at the same time, write on the room, and take a microphone to speak to everybody (push-to-talk).

    Here a screenshot of a room (faces have been hidden)


    but as explained above this technology is aged and works only with internet explorer !

    That's what i am searching desperately ...

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      This third party API is integrated in tons of the top Live Stream/chat apps. Andrew Boon Mark P if UNA could contact them and set up a bridge with their services many UNA members would gladly pay for an integration service. I don't know how to code so I would be lost as to how to set it up myself but maybe UNA could act as a bridge and maybe set it up on people's sites under custom work? Please look into it

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