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Back to result search & and buttons << / >>

It is something that has always been criticized by my users in dolphin and that relates to research, specifically the return to the results of research.

The research in general has been much improved here, but with regard to the return to the retreats of the initial research is worse than in dolphin because simply impossible with una.

I explain myself with an example. Looking for a list of users between 25 and 35 years old with photos.

You run the search, so far ok. Then you visit a profile from the results, and then you want to go back to the search to visit another one.

nothing is planned, so instinsctively you use the return key of your browser, and there, page expired. You click a second time, and there, the results of the initial search are gone.

I do not know what is the right solution, but it is a point not to neglect otherwise a good search engine is useless

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  • A good solution would be to be able to visit the profiles on the fly without going back to search, unless I decide.

    In my example, since I leave the search, I should be able to navigate within the results with a button "Next" and I will thus visit the profiles of 25 to 35 years without needing to return to the search.

    A back to search button would allow me to come back, just change my search settings.

    It would be great as well! And great for all searches.

    Note that " << & >> " button would be useful even outside of a search :-) if I visit a random event, I may want to see the next one or the one before ...

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    • So, we need to ensure the paginate works and search result state is preserved for a user session. 

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      • Baloo  It's not quite clear what you mean, I've tried to return back to the search after visiting a profile, and the search results are there

        Also we have bug here that paginate isn't displayed: https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1407

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        • Yes Alex, I was not lucky when I did this test, because I tried to reproduce again and I could not. However, this morning, I was able to do it twice again.

          So in summary it works well, except from time to time, I do not know for now under what conditions.

          Andrew Boon  yes, your idea would be a nice improvement and I would be glad it was implemented.

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