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Confused about content in groups

Okay, I have a lot of problems, first of, my project would rely mostly on groups, I'm trying to make something like Reddit. Groups would be like subreddits.

I don't know if spaces or channels are better suited for this than groups, someone with experience can suggest this, if I'm doing it wrong from the start. Anyway, this doesn't seem to work very well. The first solution would be to have discussions as a text format (like on Reddit), photos and videos like the conterparts of Reddit image and video posting formats. The problem is, when I post a discussion, a photo or a video in a group, the posts do not apear in the mai sections of those types of content. The discussion from the group does not show on the discussions pages, only on the group. Why? Is this normal? Can I change this behavior to see the posts in their respective sections too?

Maybe someone else has a better idea? I don't know if I made myself clear, please do ask and I will answer. Thank you in advance!

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  • Maybe everybody is busy, being week-end and all. As an update to my problem, it seems like Channels are the way to go. I see even here on Una.io Groups and Spaces are not used, but Channels are. If I'm posting a discussion, an image or a Video and add a hashtag to them, the content is present on every section, including on the Channel itsefl.

    The problem now is that Channels don't have members to them, just followers. I wanted to have members like on subreddits.

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    • Hello stan!

      Well, for your case with the reddit and sub-reddits the Spaces app would be better because 1 Space may have the several sub-spaces. See more details here:


      and here:


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      • Thanks for the reply LeonidS, I did find that Spaces are the best thing to use for my project. I didn't know until yesterday that it's not enough to just join a Space to see the content on the front page (assuming you add a contextual timeline feed) you have to follow that Space to see the content. Why isn't this done automatically? When you join a Space, you will auto follow it as well. It's a two step process that many users might not know from the start.

        I just need users that join a Space to be able to see public content on the front page. Either when they join, they also auto follow, or if not, let them follow without the need to join first.

        Another problem I face is that comments on discussions do not have the option to be displayed as Flat or Threaded. I see that on Photos or Videos, they have this option. Is this normal? As intended or a bug? I need them to have that option please.

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        • let them follow without the need to join first

          You can actually follow Space without joining, if it's public Space.

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          • Thank you for your reply, I actually tested this already and found out it works like that, strange that only spaces have that option.

            On an other note, I saw the abillity to vote up and down somewhere, is this true? I can't seem to make it work...

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            • BTW - we have autofollow part for the joined Spaces as the ticket for the future version https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1782

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              Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.

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