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Difference Between Members and Friends Feature

I have been wondering what is the need to have Page Members and Friends features both running?

Please educate me if wrong, I think Friends feature is primarily for Persons while membership feature is for Pages under organization.

I think it not necessary to have both functional on single profile. However if they have different capabilities, I will like to know.

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  • My theory is that some people might develop the platform into twitter like clone with followers?  Since UNA can be use to develope different types of communities then it would make sense for them to give users these different types of features?  If users want to disable Friends feature then they can with coding I guess.

    • I am using the organization module for profiling and the Friends feature is required for the relationship feature to be used.

      I wish I could drop the friends and still have the relationship feature

      • You over thinking it a little. 😁 First,  they are not features. They are privacy settings for site content. 

        Members: You at least have to be a member of the site to view Page X. Not visible to public/visitors.

        Friends: Not only do you have to be a member of the site, you also have to be in my friends list to view Page X.

        Hope that helps. 

        • DeDiary if you're talking about the Organization Members versus Organization Friends...

          Org Members - are employees of the organization

          Org Friends - are members of the site that like the organization, a customer or fan, and want to follow their content.

          • Thanks James Cherry it's clearer now.

            Now is it possible to knock out the member/employee feature to retain the friends only?

            I don't need it for my kind of Project.

            • i think this page is what your looking for https://www.mysite.com/studio/builder_menu.php?page=items 

              its within studio>> navagation>> items >> organization>> View Actions 

              change the permissions of who can add organization profiles as friends follow them and so on

              • MyZoid Vapour yes, I had thought about that but I realized that after deactivating that a couple of others I still got this below.


                I appears the Sign up will remain until this below is deleted. Unfortunately it cannot be deactivated, only deletable.


                However, I have been scared of deleting so as not to cause what I didn't bargain for. I want the experts to advise me on this.

                • Hey DeDiary , sorry, I am just now seeing your reply.

                  In Navigation you could hide the visibility of the block and buttons, that way no one will see it's an option. 

                  In Pages you can remove the blocks that list 'Members' that way it doesn't show as empty, if it's on the Org homepage.

                  There may be a setting to disable, but this is my immediate thought. I will investigate more later today.