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Thinking about Trials and a change in UNA PowerApps pricing/billing.

We currently charge $50/mo for access to all UNA PowerApps installation and updates. UNA core and CoreApps can be used for free, but often we hear from people asking for a trial for PowerApps, as it may be difficult to assess which ones you may need, how they work, and if they’d be used by you site users.

So, we were thinking about a way to offer a trial, but we don’t want to uninstall, deactivate or  limit modules post-trial if they’re not paid for. This would mean that we’d have to add a way to remotely force client sites to downgrade or lose functionality in some way. We don‘t want to even consider making such a tool. The only way we want UNA sites to communicate with UNA.IO is by requesting available apps and updates, and installing them if authorised by site operator.

Now, the idea is to allow free download and installation of all PowerApps, but limit updates to licensed ones only. For example, if you want to try the Messenger, you’d be able to download, install and use it for free, but if a new version becomes available you would have to buy the app or sign up for a monthly plan that includes all powerapps updates (Pro or Cloud). If you haven’t been using it much, or your community is still in pre-production, you’d be able to simply uninstall and install the new version for free. If, however, the module is used actively and there is user data in it, uninstalling would wipe all the data, so a paid update is the only option. Simply using an outdated module is also not likely to work, as it may break compatibility with the rest of the system. Therefore, webmasters need to decide if they have to delete the app (to keep other modules up to date), or reinstall it (and lose user data), or pay for updates.

What do you think? Would that be a good change?

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  • good idea Andrew

    • I like that idea a lot. Makes more sense as a website that needs to attract members needs to have a powerful toolset of apps at first. Using your method helps the site grow WHILE figuring out what the site needs and doesn't need. The old way some site would be able to take advantage of all the apps while some people just need one or two eventually. Would also like to see a "rent to own" program for either a permanent license or a rewards program that gives a discount after subscribing consecutively for a certain amount of months.

      • Brilliant idea. I must admit that as a new user the $ values in the Marketplace come across as a bit intimidating as a first impression.

        • I like it. 

          Also consider reducing you pricing  plans for the power apps. Most of us are running niche sites that are not monetized and think twice about purchasing the apps at current price points.

          Your proposal may also solve that problem.

          • It's a good idea really, considering the dynamics of pulling through Startup to established business level. Lessening the takeoff barriers will contribute more towards Startup success and scaling through the odds makes one a better long-term client.

            It gives more oxygen to our lungs to withstand the storm.

              • Well, it is 50 per month, and one can cancel again straight away. I tried a few platforms before and this deal is really fair. I would not worry too much.

                • i think its a far-cry from dolphin all the modules where free but that type of system is flawed the flaw was that in order for things to get better and a company to survive there needs to be a system to put funds back into the software and pay una staff and such i understand the whole reason for the power apps but others seem to not want to take the first step in buying any this would help gain trust from those that doubt the price of the apps as you stated Andrew Boon in another post that you where thinking that a $10 update price for apps a 1 off payment of say $50 a month and $10 for to update it every now and then thats a great idea but even if its half that $25 per update its a step in the right direction this would only work in the renting of apps and not in the subscription plans but who needs this for the subscription plans as your saving money with them anyways also you could do a 7 day free trial i have not yet used power apps myself yet but do plan too anyways peace out una team say awesome


                  • the $ values in the Marketplace come across as a bit intimidating as a first impression.

                    And you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

                    • You lost me there at first but i think a get the point that you agree with Andrew Boon 

                      • indeed i see a lot of other software out there and it don't hold a candle to dolphin and now una when you buy into Andrew Boon's services its more of an investment with other software its released and then forgot about i have seen a lot of stuff being discontinued and the software dev still keeps it up as paid robbing unsuspecting people not in the know Andrew Boon is the only CEO i know of that prides his self on keeping us informed i see a lot of other software's just making one post then not replying he puts his self out in the front line like you wouldn't know it :D anyways people are often miss understood before they make great innovations and such and the una team are just as impact-full in making this dream this vision a reality and were along for the ride making una one of the best places to be dolphin had problems una is the next evolution to greatness anyways peace out


                        • Good idea, or you can make a server for tial, example : users signe in for a trial and get subdomain : myname.una.io with full access to all modules and apps 

                          • that's a very good idea then una is not out of pocket for the trial as you get to keep the apps afterwords it makes more seance making a demo site for all una apps and give webmaster log in and pass and do what softaculous does and make it revert back to the default settings that una team set up it makes it possible to have it as an aid for webmasters to test out the features for as-long as then need to without lost revenue to UNA Or lost money to us with a feature we find we don't need or does not do what we need it to Andrew Boon