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Emoji issues, how do I make them work?

Emoji doesn't work on my website. I have tried everything based on the search about related topics on UNA but nothing works.

What happens when I insert an emoji? It either bring out question mark (in case of comment) or simply leaves the post empty (in case of timeline post)

Who can help me with this please. A social media website is not complete without emojis...Β 

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    • It's already been discussed. If you searched "question mark" you will see it was normally a database encoding issue.Β 



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        • Hi Chris thanks for your update on emojis. I've been trying to figure out why the emojis button isn't responsive on my installation. I can't even see the emoji files on the lucid template

          Cc: BalooΒ 

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          • Hello Benny !

            If you mean that your post field doesn't contain the editor's buttons set Β then you need to:

            1) install the Froala editor app

            2) turn on in the Settings of Timeline->Post area, the Enable post form editor toolbar option.

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