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Remote encoding works like charm

Hello everybody,

I recently have remote encoding with remote S3 storage set up by UNA.

Although I am a 20+ years Linux and programming geek, there were problems that I was not able to diagnose and solve, Alex diagnosed all and fix them in minutes.
Again I noticed how skillful UNA team is and feel the comfort to leave the things to professionals.
Thank you Alex T⚜️  . 

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    • Video is a must. A social site without it will not likely going very far. 

      This remote processing feature is amazing and could actually allow those in shared server situations to process video. Without paying for a dedicated server. 

      UNA makes their money, in part, from complete hosting packages. So for them to help the small guy like this is a testimony to their good will towards everyone. 

      Thank you, hard working UNA Team!

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      • banister just to remind, it is a paid service to setup the remote video encoding.

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        • how much did it cost?

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          • I had them in a bundle with other things, better to ask to Mark Purser for standalone remote encoding price.

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            • for some reason, they ignore my messages 😅
              I've contacted them a few times before through messages but they don't respond.

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