Points System on UNA.IO

As you might have noticed, we have now integrated the new Points Module from AQB Soft into UNA.IO - it's a great piece of software, we are very impressed, it's a potent tool to rev up and reward positive activity on any UNA site.

The settings in Points Module can be customised to promote the ideal activity you would like on your site, perhaps for your site it is creating new blogs, making new friends, joining groups or posting photos?

We have set it up on UNA.IO in a way that strongly rewards helping others. Ie. you will get rewarded a little bit for asking a question, you will get rewarded a lot for answering a question.

So far as reimbursing points, we haven't quite figured that out, the module integrates with user levels, so we will create some premium levels for active users and also explore some sort of points exchange for additional value in the near future.

At the moment, just have fun with it, we are looking forward to seeing who gets the most points!

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