Jitsi meet - Jibri Server installation Service

Direct message me before buying the service.

JItsi :  Broadcasting Infrastructure

Jibri :  Provides services for recording or streaming a Jitsi Meet conference.

It works by launching a Chrome instance rendered in a virtual frame buffer and capturing and encoding the output with ffmpeg. It is intended to be run on a separate machine (or a VM), with no other applications using the display or audio devices. Only one recording at a time is supported on a single jibri.

You can have own jitsi server now for smooth streaming / conference :


At least 2GB RAM (scale at your needs)  dedicated for Jitsi.
WHM / Root access.

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    • Just got RC & JITSI installed on my dedicated server few days ago with the help of Expertzkris and it rans like a charm. My UNA site has been elevated to another level, most of my users love these new features. Since I have my own dedicated server, I am offering this service to my users for Free for now so I can attract more people. This is the 3rd time I worked with Kris from Expertzkris This guy knows his stuff well, I give him a task and the next day I get an update that everything is done as expected. He has been very patient with all of my questions and he explains everything well so I know what to expect. I will not hesitate to hire Kris again in the near future, now we are great partners :-)
      If anyone would like to take a test drive, please ping me, I will be more than happy to give you access to test it out..  All the Best !  and Thanks Kris, Job well done Partner !

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      • Thank you so much AJ Fariss much appreciated till next time. :)

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      • Is it possible to deploy Jitsi and Jibri on a cloud server such as Wasabi?

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        • Hello i think wasabi is a storage system like amazon s3 and Dropbox but im not really famillar  with it.
          Please ask them if it can support.

          If so we can help you with it.

          Ref.: Click here

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        • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=5315&dpx=2&t=1628228860

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          • What`s that?

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            • It's the installation service  of your own video conference server.  To be added in your rocketchat and una messenger.

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