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Backup Una __ toolbox? backup plan? mirror una?

what is the best backup plan for all data?

Toolbox what i can roll back with toolbox? 

  • 1. Settings - sys_options_types, sys_options_categories, sys_options, sys_options_mixes and sys_options_mixes2options tables.
    2. Pages - sys_pages_types, sys_pages_layouts, sys_objects_page, sys_pages_design_boxes and sys_pages_blocks tables.
    3. Menus - sys_menu_templates, sys_objects_menu, sys_menu_sets and sys_menu_items tables.
    4. Forms - sys_objects_form, sys_form_displays, sys_form_inputs, sys_form_display_inputs and sys_labels tables.
    5.Data Lists - sys_form_pre_lists and sys_form_pre_values tables.
    6. Search - sys_objects_search_extended and sys_search_extended_fields tables.
    7. Permissions - sys_acl_actions, sys_acl_actions_track, sys_acl_levels, sys_acl_levels_members and sys_acl_matrix tables.
    8. Grids - sys_objects_grid, sys_grid_fields and sys_grid_actions tables.
  • Tracker - this tool allows you to check which files were modified. See screenshot №5. It allows you to understand whether auto-updates will work or not.

is there also a backup for discussions? events? can i backup with this albums (pictures), sounds? and so on

yesterday i wanted to update my php 5.6 to 7.2. all was gone. it was terrible for our group to lost all.

i need a good way to handle the backup for all data in the future

what should i do?

is it possible to write back the ftp data?

is there a way to mirror una?

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    • ideas on backup and maintenance modes


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      • Hello selbstmedikamentierung !

        The best way to backup your UNA site - to keep the folders like inc, modules and storage and the whole database. Then you may put it back if something will happen.

        But in your situation exists an interesting part like "i wanted to update my php 5.6 to 7.2. all was gone ". Your site and DB have been left, if you saw the blank pages then you need to check the error logs of your server first to find what is wrong.

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        • 6 month later and i still search the una forum for backup informations.

          what can i do with the backup tool "toolbox"? i can only save and download, but not upload.

          toolbbox  confuse me since i bought it. 

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          • I suggest that this mod https://una.io/page/view-product?id=208 will be useful for you.

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