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Update Jot Messenger

Hello Alexey, it's about a year that we are talking about email notification in messenger. Soon, soon, soon ... but I can not see anything coming. Please precise deadlines for this, I really need it now. When will the next update for Jot?

What is the plan?

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    • Hello,

      Sorry for such long delay!

      We are working on two Jot Messengers versions (React and Una module) and they both have intersecting functionality, thus both messengers are developing simultaneously. We have planned to release two updates in the same time, but it already took more time the we think. Since Jot module already collected many new functionality, we will start to upload updates from the next week.  First will be released update for email notifications which work through Una notifications system in (Monday-Wednesday).

      • Hello Alexey, thanks for that clarification, i'm really happy to hear that and look forward to being next week.

            • Hello Alexey , it's Thursday ! :-)

              • HAHA Get 'em Baloo  This wait is killing me.. 

                • Hi!

                  I have just uploaded update for Jot Messenger, feel free to install it. 

                  If any probelms, let me know ;)  

                  • Hello Leonid, thank you! I installed it, it did not explode :-)

                    Just some explanations for this and commits the notifications work please.

                    Maximum notifications number per member from one Talk during 1 hour

                    • And sorry Alexey, I do not receive notifications. I looked in sys_cron_jobs, I do not see anything about the messenger, is this normal?

                      So if I understand correctly, if memberx1 speaks to me 10 x and memberx2 speaks to me 20 times in two separate conversations, I must receive 10 notifications in the space of 1 hour (setting on 5). no notfications ... zero, nothing, nada ...

                      • Hello Baloo ,

                        Sorry, I forgot to write a few clarifications.

                        How it works now:

                        Jot Messenger now is integrated to the Notifications module. It means that now you can get notifications about new messages via Notifications module and thus may select which methods to use. 

                        As you can see on image below, there is email notifications option exists. This option can be enabled for new messages and then users will start to get notifications my email.   


                        Notifications look like site's notifications, like on image below:

                        About Maximum notifications number per member from one Talk during 1 hour and your example: 

                        So if I understand correctly, if memberx1 speaks to me 10 x and memberx2 speaks to me 20 times in two separate conversations, I must receive 10 notifications in the space of 1 hour (setting on 5). 

                        Yes, this options allows to set limitation for each member who posting messages to one talk, because otherwise if the talk is very active, you may get a tons of notifications every minute from different members about updates in one talk. I think, even if you get at least one message from one talk you may know that you need to check it for updates. Following your example, you will get total 10 notifications from two members about updates in two talks.

                        Anyway this options may be modified if any problems or improvements. 

                        Note about push notifications: Now you may send push notifications about new messages from Notification module also, but they have another titles then Jot push notifications. Notification module shows "New on Una" but Jot shows "Message from". If you like to use push notification from Jot then you just need to turn off Push notifications in Notifications module about new messages. We will correct it in future version for Notifications module. 

                        I will add detailed instructions to the documentation for the Jot Messenger in the nearest time.

                        • Alexey - I installed the updated Messenger (ver 9.0.9) without issue and I have notifications (9.0.14) and I do not see those options you mentioned above. 

                          • Hello!

                            Sorry, I missed one instruction for update.

                            I just have added another update, install it please and options for notifications should be visible then. 

                            • I installed the Update and still do not see it. image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=1046&dpx=1&t=1552316329

                              • Hello Alexey, thanks for the explanations.
                                Chris , you need to disable / reactivate the notification module, so you'll see the new option.

                                • Thanks Baloo - That worked :)

                                  • Alexey a big thank you for this update, it seems to me that it works well, I'm happy and relieved (I think Chris too), now no one will miss a message in his messenger. You have worked well as always.

                                    • Hello Baloo,

                                      I am glad that you like it :)  

                                      P.S. When you apply the patch it doesn't require to enable/disable apps. I need to check it again.  

                                      • Yes, a big thank you to Alexey Now all we need is the big one.. the React Jot 😎 

                                        • Alexey  we are testing the new update.
                                          I noticed that some characters in the messages are tranformed to "?" marks afterawhile.
                                          Unfortunately I couldnt clarify which characters and in which conditions are, but yes some characters are transformed. Baloo 

                                          • Hello Cem

                                            Last update change type of the message field in bx_messenger_jots table, but if you have correct default collation in database utf8mb4_unicode_ci it should not cause problems with messages.  

                                            • Hello Alexey, on this subject, I noticed a little problem here on una.io:

                                              In the shoutbox I type this "in Belgium it's okay :-)" and after refreshing the page it is "in Belgium it's okay?"



                                              after refresh...


                                              • Hello Baloo,

                                                Seems like it the same problem as was described above by Cem 

                                                I will check.

                                                Thank you! 

                                                • How do you have this simple shoutbox? 

                                                    • Baloo where you able to able to resolve the emoji issue?

                                                      • Hello lucipher 

                                                        Which version of Jot Messenger do you have?

                                                        • resolved it am so sorry i didn't mention it. i changed my collation