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What of "Unique Handle"?

I must acknowledge that UNA is a wonderful framework even though as porwerful as it has been I keep thinking of a few things for tomorrow which can find full application for today.

A lot of people are on stuffs designed for the world and lets take a single sinario where a lot of organizations and individuals signs up on a platform running on UNA, "How do people refrence their pages on Postcards, Letterheads, Business Cards and even mentions on Radios, TVs etc"?

There is need for something neater than the present links we see on the address bars. My Question is Can We Get This To Life Now? 

Facebook has this and I think UNA is out to beat the status quo. We need to be upfront. 

A web handle like, dediary(dot)com/mypage is more presentable than dediary(dot)com/page/view-persons-profile?id=1 to the public . I see this as a potential drawback. Whats your take guys?

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  • Yes Ded, I agree with you, and I'm afraid it's also about SEO. But look here, I think something is planned about it ...

    Also I have a question that comes to mind Andrew Boon , if you change the URLs in 10 and that my site is already launch and well referenced, will not that be a problem for search engines?

    • As Baloo quoted - we do plan to improve URLs for users by using an ID hash rather than an actual module prefix and real ID. The reason for doing that is to hide the actual number of users to avoid that "network is too small" effect, and also simplify the URL.

      To answer Baloo - yes, the change could be a problem for already indexed profile URLs, so along with the change, we will provide instructions for setting permanent redirects for old URLs to maintain continuity and preserve links. 

      As for URLs like, say "site.com/username", also known as "Vanity URLs", we would rather not to that, to be honest. Here's why:

      - First, using /page/ prefix for UNA-powered content is important. You site may end have other software installed, or will have something installed in the future, which may need to use certain URLs names in the root domain. You may also want to relocate entire UNA installation to another domain or a subfolder in the future and having /page/ in URLs helps to identify and redirect them correctly when needed. 

      - Second, allowing vanity URLs in the root or even in /page/ is problematic as those may clash with other pages requiring same names, some of which we can't account for. For example, someone takes a handle like /about. Then, you'd be unable to create a page /about with same address. Or worse, if someone creates a URL that matches a URL used by a module you install at a later stage. 

      - Third, if you allow identifying "names" in URLs, you'd have to allow them to be editable. Say, in case someone makes a mistake or wants to change their name later. If they do, plenty of external links and mentions would break. 

      All in all - it is possible, but not at all simple to implement vanity URLs. It's a kind of feature that may bring a lot of complexity for very little gain. After the planned update, we'd have URLs like, say, "site.com/page/2a37s89" or similar. I believe that'd do the job.

      • Thanks Andrew, good to hear of the plan to have something tidier than it is now. "site(dot)com/page/2a37s89" is still ok for the desired purpose. Tnx

        • Thank you Andrew, here is a series of convincing arguments and I confirm what you say by my experience in Dolphin, especially in the forums where people make gigantic mistakes in the titles that I must go immediately correct in the data base , in the title and in the url. It is true that on UNA this is no longer a problem and it is very valuable for me and for the user.

          True as if Dolphin had been designed this way, it would have been much easier to migrate a Dolphin site to UNA whether you change your address or not, but as this is not the case, impossible to consider a redirection.

          I did well to ask this question, and I did well to get your attention for the answer ;-)

          • We have the similar ticket to make https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1091 

            • Considering I've had many members ask me 'How' they can post a link to their profile at my site to other websites (Twitter, FB, Gab, etc), I think this would be a great feature to have. Most all other social networking site have this already so, I do not see why UNA can't as well. If nothing else, at least having vanity URLs for Profiles. 

              Here is what I was thinking of having that 'might' help refrain from messing up any existing URLs or the possibility of new Apps that get installed. Not sure if this is able to be done but what about this?

              Create a table called something like sys_accounts_links or maybe sys_account_vanity

              This table can contain fields labeled vanity_name and vanity_link (use whatever you want - more fields may be required)

              All users to go into Settings > Account and add the Profile Name they want to use such as this (pre-populating your actual website URL):

              Note: Members should be to use something different other than their 'Account Name' if they choose.


              In the database table referenced above, you would see something like this:

              vanity_name: Administrator

              vanity_link: https://www.mywebsite.com/page/view-persons-profile?id=1 

              Have a function somewhere that would automatically 're-direct' anyone who puts in https://www.mywebsite.com/Administrator  to the actual link of https://www.mywebsite.com/page/view-persons-profile?id=1

              Since the page/view-persons-profile?id= is specific to ONLY viewing a person's profile, this should keep from causing any other issues with other apps.

              This field should have a 'Validation' assigned to it with the following:

              - Must be Unique

              - Must be AlphaNumeric

              - Contain no spaces or special characters

              - Field is Editable

              Once a member submits this in the Edit Profile, the Full URL (https://www.mywebsite.com/Administrator) should be visible in the member's actual Profile page in the 'Info' section so they can easily copy/paste this URL where ever they choose. 

              Piece of Cake right? 😁😁 

              •  Maybe you could just incorporate this into the existing sys_accounts table? 

                • Thank you Chris  for your suggestions, as Baloo pointed out we'll implement it in the future versions:


                  • As I'm watching the development of UNA, this item that's STILL opened from RC7 back in Feb 2018?  This is a critical need - not an enhancement in my book!

                    • Initially we planned it for RC7 then RC8 and RC9 but finally because of many core changes we've moved it to v.10 where we can add more significant changes.

                      • Just look how wordpress has done that. It works fine.